Nicklaus votes Trump. Baby Jesus cries

John Craven

Jack Nicklaus and Donald Trump at the unveiling of the Jack Nicklaus Villa at Trump Doral (Photo by Manny Hernandez/Getty Images)

Jack Nicklaus lost a lot of fans overnight when hopping on his social media account to endorse Donald Trump for four more years as US President.

Amongst a whole pile of… words, Nicklaus wrote: “This is not a personality contest; it’s about patriotism, policies and the people they impact. His love for America and its citizens, and putting his country first, has come through loud and clear. How he has said it has not been important to me. What has been important are his actions.”

The Golden Bear went on to “strongly recommend” that Americans should consider the Orange POTUS for another term, and to say the post evoked a reaction would be an understatement:


“Shame on Jack Nicklaus for endorsing a tyrant.” “This will be a stain on your legacy and hurts my heart.” “How did you get this so wrong? So disappointed, crushed and stymied.” “Down with this sort of thing. Careful now…” OK, so I may have added that last one… I don’t profess to know the first thing about living in America under Trump’s tiny iron fist but I can’t imagine it’s any good. Still, to go from being a life-long fan of the golfer, Jack Nicklaus, to turning your back on the man after decades of loyalty just because he thinks a different way to you seems like a bit of an overreaction, and not very democratic. Was I surprised to learn that Jack was a Trump supporter? He’s a rich, white old guy in America who designs golf courses… what do you think?

But the way I see it, this is another fine example of why sportspeople should be left alone to be sportspeople. If I want advice about which way to vote, I’m not going to seek out Jack Nicklaus and say, ‘hey Jack, you’ve won 18 Majors, right? What ya reckon, Trump or Biden?’ Or, ‘Hey Jack, that Masters in ’86 really was something. You buying this whole Covid thing?’

There is absolutely no correlation between someone’s ability to play golf and their intelligence. Just because someone wins on the PGA Tour doesn’t mean they’ve the faintest idea how to do anything else. Of course, the opposite can be true but whether it is or it isn’t, I’m happy to focus on the talents that earned Nicklaus his soapbox and ignore everything he says once he’s on it.

As Padraig Harrington once said in a great interview with Paul Kimmage: “I’m not going to give my political agenda, but the point I’m trying to make is this – because I have the ability to hit a little white golf ball I get this big soapbox to stand on. But I don’t have to use it, and I don’t believe I should. There are professors and educated people qualified to do that. They should be given the soapbox, not me. But the problem is that the sportsperson will be listened to.”

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18 responses to “Nicklaus votes Trump. Baby Jesus cries”

  1. Pat Dunne avatar
    Pat Dunne

    Really Dissapointed to hear this from Jack Nicklaus. Sense of the white elitist attitude that exists around golf.

  2. Tom Kane avatar
    Tom Kane

    Sorely disappointed in Jack , but then I’ve been disappointed and somewhat disillusioned with USA for 4 years now .Even if Biden wins , there is no antidote for stupid and that virus seems to be out of control .

  3. Con avatar

    Pity you didn’t listen to Padraig so!!

  4. Karl avatar

    Is this any different than a sports journalist telling people how to vote

  5. John avatar

    Nicholas you’re a plonker. Thought you would have more cop on than do something like that. Money talks in Trumps world. Disgusted

  6. sean avatar

    funny thing is, what Americans dont seem to realize is, no matter who is power, the rich white elitest will always win. democrats use black people simply to get votes, sure obama kicked more mexicans out of america than trump has, but nobody mentions that. jack is a dinosaur, but a rich white one, he doesn’t care if trump stokes the fire between races, sure he’s happy living behind his white picket fence on his country club, with all the other rich white people. im jealous !!!!

  7. Matthew avatar

    Trump is a monument to ignorance of the people who voted for him.
    An empty barrel makes most noise.
    And you cannot make a silk purse out of a SOWS EAR. How is it possible for an uneducated Moron to be elected President of a great Country like America. Shame on Jack Nicklaus for endorsing Trump.

  8. Dick Walsh avatar
    Dick Walsh

    Those words of Padraig say it all. I wish Nicklaus (I used to call him Jack) would see them. Another fallen idol. Hogan,reputedly, refused to practice next to black golfers.

  9. Michael F avatar

    There is a quote attributed to Tony Jacklin after Nicklaus had conceded that short putt in the 1969 Ryder Cup which says “He was looking at the big picture, and that is how his mind works.” Sadly, it appears to me that it isn’t working all that well now, if he still endorses Trump given his ‘performance’ over the past 4 years.

  10. Tony avatar

    Rich,white and elderly .Jack needed to show concern and empathy towards his fellow Americans.Trump is a prolific liar,narcissist,racist,inept,divisive and uncaring person. His hugely irresponsible mismanagement of the Pandemic has directly led to thousands of US citizens suffering and dying.He sacks capable responsible staff who inform and question his moronic logic.
    Trump is dreadful on climate change also.
    Disappointed in Jack Nicklaus

  11. Michael Mulvaney avatar
    Michael Mulvaney

    Its all about money and taxes. Republican to get richer and hence Nicklaus is voting Trump to protect his millions. How is he going to bring it with him.

  12. Golf life learner avatar
    Golf life learner

    How is Jack Nicklaus going to explain to his grandchildren that he has endorse a man (Trump) that mocks others human beings calling them “scumbags” sxxx hxxx nations” “traitors” “fake” and much more, and then his grandchildren looking up him for guidance. Such guidance !!
    He has some explaining to do, to children.
    In golf parlance it’s like Jack endorsing a cheat in winning a tournament, because he did it to win. Never mind the example he gave to kids. Baaah.

  13. Bill Fitzgerald avatar
    Bill Fitzgerald

    So sorry to read this. Trump has diminished the image of America internationally, instead of making America great. Trump only wants to make Trump great. He has surely lowered the tone and civility of American society. He has divided America rather than uniting the states. Hard to understand that Nicklaus does not see that. Jack has been a great great golfer, but I will not see him in the same light in the future.

  14. FRANCIS McKEE avatar

    time for your medication Jack

  15. John Downes avatar
    John Downes

    From Jack to Jackass!

  16. Sean K avatar
    Sean K

    Bad day all round just heard 007 is dead ,the great Bobby Charlton has been diagnosed with Dementia, and Jack Nicklaus is a Trumpanzee..( You’ve lost my respect Nicklaus).

  17. Macanudo avatar

    Having had Jack as my golf idol for the last 60yrs I now find myself in disbelief. Not perhaps that he might have supported Trump BUT more that he published his feelings on social media. Padraig is absolutely correct in his assessment. Long live his attitude in sport & leave your politics within.

  18. Delano avatar

    Jack you have gone away down in my estimation . That was what we call an own goal . ?️‍♂️???

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