Goodness gracious, great balls of desire

Some people place extreme value on their golf balls and can go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their dimpled friends come home safely

The Heel of the Club

Much like the 'heel' characters in WWE, golf now has its very own genuine villain and we're all waiting to watch the next drama unfold

Confessions of a Weary Pro Shop Assistant, part II

Another diary entry from a day in the life of a disgruntled pro shop assistant this winter and an insight into how we can help them get through the pain

The Bare Necessities

Strip away technological advancements, Trackman statistics and high-flying dimpled balls and golf remains a very simple game at its core

Lowry, Donald and Connors: An unlikely three-ball in a Slovak classroom

An emergency lesson plan involving John Connors posed the question; would Open Champion Shane Lowry swap careers with former world number one Luke Donald?

Tiger’s getting ready to tell his tale – and I can’t wait! 

The sports world cannot get enough information or insight into the life and times of a golfing legend whose rise and fall, and rise again would do justice to a Hollywood blockbuster

The stocking’s half full – trust me 

As a nation we can be quick to criticise our sportspeople and golfers are no exception but 2019 was a special year for Irish golf and a great way to end the decade

Fellow Major Champions single out McIlroy as their Player of the Decade

Given his record across all tournaments, wins around the globe and total number of wins it's no surprise that Rory McIlroy was the choice of his peers for Player of the Decade.

Confessions of a Weary Pro Shop Assistant, part I

An exclusive diary insight into the minds of frost-bitten assistants in a pro shop during the winter months in Ireland and what we can do to help them

Newsflash – relentless adverts are ruining televised golf

This week's Presidents Cup has captured the internet's attention for showing more ads than golf but with so much money on the table, where will it end?
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