McIlroy lets Ireland down gently with Scottish non-announcement

McIlroy is like the ex we all need; keeping his courting to a merciful minimum as the rest of us cry quietly into our pillows hoping his absence is all a dream

What’s not to love about PGA Champion, Brooks Koepka? 

Some people say he’s boring, others arrogant but when winning four of the last eight Majors comes so effortlessly, you can hardly blame Brooks Koepka for doing things his own way

Blurred Lines 

Sophocles said, “I would prefer even to fail with honour than to win by cheating”. In golf, the right thing to do should always be in the eye of the beholder. 

Romo wasn’t built in a day 

Tony Romo's inclusion meant that golf, the tournament, and sponsors AT&T were back page news last week. But should he have been included at all?
Rory McIlroy / Image from Getty Images

Can McIlroy ever do right by the people of Ireland?

There was some great news for Ireland's Olympic Team this week as Rory McIlroy declared he'd be wearing green. Not everyone seemed to agree though!
Brooks Koepka / Image from Getty Images

Betting tips and stats for the second Major of the year, the US PGA...

It’s the second Major week of the year and the oracle has enlisted a major special guest to accompany his own wizardry

New US PGA May date a bonus for golf fans worldwide

Let’s have three cheers for the US PGA Championship, which begins a new chapter in its illustrious history, starting tomorrow week.

Green and Pleasant Land. Or not, as the case may be

Why should golf courses that are regularly used, enjoyed by thousands and important to a city’s health be forfeited for the failings of planners and governments?
Brooks Koepka / Image from Getty Images

‘Defending champion’ accolade traditionally a kiss of death for Major winners

Can Brooks Koepka defy the odds and retain either the US PGA or the US Open championships?
Shane Lowry / Image from Getty Images

Lowry under a different microscope in Mardi Gras capital 

Shane Lowry will find himself under the microscope for a different reason this week in the Mardi Gras capital of New Orleans.
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