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Bidding war is a bad look for golf

Talk lately has been far from cheap. It’s all about money, lots of it. When will enough be enough? Well, if your name’s Gates, Bezos or Buffett, then the answer is never. If it's Mickelson, DeChambeau or Johnson, we’re about to find out

Post-Brexit – Ryder Cup fears over European Disunion

With no Ryder Cup possible on UK soil for at least a decade, Mike Wilson examines what the impact of the political and economic isolation brought about by Brexit might have on both the European Tour and its cash-cow spin-off, the Ryder Cup

Bjorn’s World Cup of Mixed Foursomes proposal

“I wonder how and why the World Cup of Golf doesn’t exist anymore? Bring it back as a combined men and women’s event," Thomas Bjorn suggested. Is this an event we'd like to see?

Start this season as you mean to go on 

Believe it or not, you need to start a round of golf before the first tee if you want to play well for the entire round. Here's five sure-fire ways to improve your score with very little effort

Sports psychology? It’s all in your head! 

For all the challenges golf presents, the six inches between the ears remains the place where titles are won and lost

No wonder Rory is off his game

The Chairman of the Player Advisory Council has had a lot to swallow off the course of late, not least a $40 million bonus pool that has been the talk of the PGA Tour for all the wrong reasons

Apples never fall far from trees

Gary Player made headlines for all the wrong reasons last week when his son Wayne hijacked Lee Elder’s ceremony of overdue recognition at The Masters. But was it the act of evil the media has portrayed it to be, or just a sad part of the Player DNA?

Lowry can feel whatever he likes – he’s human too

'We’ve all made sacrifices this past year, Shane Lowry included. I’d be careful to comment that yours have been any greater than others. There’s always someone in this life who has it worse'

A proud day for Japan

Hideki Matsuyama has been tipped to light the Olympic torch this summer in Tokyo. Whether that happens or not, no doubt he's lit a fire under the fairway ambitions of an already golf mad nation of Japan

Eamonn Darcy did not have a loop

'Eamonn hardly looped at all. His idiosyncrasy was no more than his right elbow ‘popping out’ as he gathered full power to apply a ferocious blow in the hitting area; the result of playing the game almost entirely with his right hand and arm'

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