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Chasing distance is a dangerous game

'Rory’s admission that he has lost accuracy, control & consistency by chasing speed in an effort to emulate Bryson DeChambeau has hurt his swing. How could he be so naive? Easy! Hasn’t every serious golfer pushed for more distance at some stage?'

My Qatar Masters memento

At the Qatar Masters, it's customary to present the media with a gift. Our very own Bernie McGuire recalls the memento given to him at the 1999 edition of the Doha tournament

Go back to basics, Rory!

'There’s no pressing need for Rory to be changing too much as long as he has the basics ‘right’. You don’t become a bad golfer overnight, especially if you were once the best'

Golfers getting younger and younger

To be usurped by younger blood is an uncomfortable, unavoidable feeling. It has happened to every multiple champion in the history of the game. It’s a matter of when, not if. And, as the best get younger, so do the has-beens!

Irish women’s golf has so much to celebrate

Today is International Women's Day and given all the success of Ireland's women golfers in recent years, it's only right that we mark just how far we've come and shine a light on a very bright future

PGA Tour Live’s love affair with Rickie Fowler

There are those who make the grade to the PGA Tour's Featured Groups who have every right to be there, and then there is Rickie Fowler who disappointed again with a 76 on day one at The Arnie. Can the love affair continue?

Form is temporary, class is permanent

There are a number of golfers going through rough patches out on Tour right now but write them off at your peril

I See You in Everyone*

Golfers see golf everywhere but this one is extreme, even for us! A 60m tee and a Mega McIlroy, now that deserves some applause!

Riviera leads by example in how to present a tournament course

Last week's Genesis venue rewarded good golf and penalised poor play. A simple formula that few courses on the Tour rota manage to get right

Play suspension highlights green speed stupidity at Riviera

Regular visitors to the West of Ireland Championship would've got a laugh seeing the pampered PGA Tour pros called in due to 35mph winds on Saturday, but how did those setting up Riviera get it so wrong?

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