Everyone can hit a perfect golf shot

Ivan Morris

Tiger Woods (Photo by Ben Jared/PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

There is no such thing as the perfect golfer. And yet, anyone who has played the game for any length of time has hit a ‘perfect golf shot.’ It is one of golf’s most tantalising attractions. Whenever one hits a perfect shot, it feels so easily done and one can never understand why one cannot repeat the swing formula time after time.

The problem is that few golfers hit enough good shots in the first place. It is not so much the lack of ‘good ones’ but too many ‘bad ones’ that ruin our scores. Surely, if we had a clear mental picture of what our body does when we swing, it would mean more perfectly executed shots by design rather than by accident? If only we could see with our own eyes precisely what we do when we manage to get it right and wrong, surely those rare acts of perfection would be much easier to repeat?

It’s not a case of searching for absolute perfection. There are too many successful golfers with flawed swings to worry about trying to achieve the impossible; nor is there any need to. Tiger has had swing flaws throughout his career that many of the games’ top coaches disapproved of, even when he was at his peak. Jack Grout, who taught Jack Nicklaus as a kid, used to grab a fistful of the youngster’s blond hair and hold onto it firmly to prevent his young pupil from moving his head. After one too many painful practice sessions, Nicklaus instructed his barber to give him a crew cut!


Thanks to the advanced technology of the 21st century, it is now easier than it has ever been to teach yourself by seeing yourself swing and to see what you are doing right when you hit a good shot and what you are doing wrong when you don’t. Motion Analysis provides the most advanced instruction available today. This 3-dimensional real-time immersive golf teaching system has, until now, only been available to top touring pros. With this system any golfer can step straight into a tour pro’s swing, to feel what it is like and not just to be instructed. Such powerful, effective, and immediate feedback sticks! Teachers are unanimous that S&M creates faster improvements in swing performance than more conventional methods; it’s similar to having an MRI Scan for your golf swing.

The golfer dons a velcro suit with electronic diodes affixed to it, to digitise and record the various positions of key parts of the golfer’s anatomy throughout the motion of the swing. Every movement is electronically dissected and measured to a level of accuracy previously unheard of when analyzing a golfer’s swing and yet it comes up with simple, indisputable diagnoses and solutions instantly. The eyes can see what the body cannot feel.

Sources of inconsistency (open shoulders, closed stance, a titled spine angle and minimal leg action) were so much easier to grasp when you could see the evidence on the monitor and have your swing superimposed with that of a top player. I have always believed that golf is no more (and no less) than cause and effect physics. The ball does not know who, or what, hit it. Do it right and you cannot fail. S&M Analysis will show you how!


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