Ireland’s Top 10 Par Threes

Kevin Markham

The 4th at County Sligo. Photo by Kevin Markham

Ireland has a vast range of amazing short holes… from ocean drama to hilltop happiness to the terrors in the trees. We can all make birdies… we can all make double bogeys but whatever our score, we all love a great par three.

Picking a top ten is unbelievably tough, mainly because of the amazing holes that have to be left out. We started at number 10 on Tuesday – the 8th hole at Druids Glen – followed by number 9 – the famous ‘Dell’ hole, the 5th at Lahinch – and will work our way up to the top over the coming days. Let us know what you think of our list!

At #8


Co Sligo 4th, 180/164/135 yards

Rosses Point is blessed with four magnificent par threes but the best, in my opinion, is the 4th. It is also the toughest. This perfect risk/reward hole is not that long and there are no bunkers. The green is so perfectly positioned that the hole has the feel of eternity to it. The beautiful, endless views around you only emphasise that. Your tee shot is about making a choice and committing to it no matter what you might start thinking halfway through your swing. The green is perched on a ledge with steep fall-offs in front and to the right… we’re talking yards here, not feet. The only bail out is to the left and with the green also tilting this way you leave yourself with a relatively easy uphill recovery shot. You can putt or chip from here. Factor in the wind… but you’ll be happiest when it’s blowing into your face as it means the ball will stop when it lands. If you are short or right then your short game skills will be severely tested as you have to bump it up the bank if you have any hope of getting close to the pin.

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5 responses to “Ireland’s Top 10 Par Threes”

  1. Martin Hayes avatar

    What about the 12th @ Westport hitting from high elevation into the bay ( ignoring the fish processing factory directly in view and ought to have had a forest planted around it ) ??

  2. Scott Blair-West avatar
    Scott Blair-West

    What a challenge! Great hole and looking forward to Kevin’s top 7. Greetings from Aus and here’s hoping we can all get back on the course soon. Keep well all. Scott

  3. Peter Yule avatar
    Peter Yule

    Hi Scott,
    I’m sure that’s the hole I birdied each time we played it? Or was it the one I duck hooked into the wilderness and never saw my ball again?

  4. Michael Bonner avatar

    Hi. The 6th at Greencastle. 220 yds along shoreline- rocks then some beach and an undulating green with out of bounds on two sides. It’s called ‘The Dog Hill’. It growls bites even the best of golfers

  5. GARY STEWART avatar

    So far , so good.

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