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Peter Finnan

Wilson already makes the Staff Model irons for better players, in both a muscle back blade and a cavity-back and are gamed with good effect by Padraig Harrington. For 2023 Wilson decided to reintroduce Dynapower irons – a game-improvement iron that should appeal to a broader segment of player.

With Dynapower Wilson is introducing an iconic name from its back catalogue, 70 years ago to be exact and it was one of the most successful franchises in the game’s history.

Players like Sam Snead and Arnold Palmer won major championships using Wilson’s Dynapower. When astronaut Alan Sheppard snuck a golf club aboard Apollo 14 and managed to hit a shot on the moon, he used a Wilson Staff Dynapower 6-iron.


When Dynapower was first introduced they were muscleback blades with razor-thin toplines and minimal offset, a players dream. The 2023 Dynapower however is engineered primarily for the aspirational golfer looking for more distance and occasional mishit management in their game.

They feature variable thickness for each section of the face to make more of the clubface hot, especially the centre-to-toe area where approximately 85% of shots are hit.
“The face on the new Dynapower irons is the thinnest we’ve ever designed relative to the overall average thickness,” said Pergande. “The thinner topline, generous offset and a longer smooth hosel provides a pleasing look at address and the AI methods helped us to reposition weight to drive new solutions for both power and distance,” he added.

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence methods in designing irons for the first time – the same computer process used successfully with the Dynapower and D9 woods – thousands of clubhead data variations and aesthetics were analysed to produce the most effective and pleasing shape possible.

The resulting design then incorporated the pioneering Wilson Power Hole 3.0 technology to deliver maximum ball speed across the face of each club.
The latest clubs from the brand with more Major wins in irons than any other (62) feature heel-to-toe weighting for a higher MOI and a lower centre of gravity design to deliver stability on off-centre hits that also fuels higher launch and steeper descent angles.

Spec and Availability

The Wilson Dynapower irons are available from early March 2023, with men’s stock shaft options of the premium KBS Max Ultralite in steel and the Mamiya UST Recoil Dart 65 in graphite. The irons come with a Wilson Staff Lamkin Crossline 360 grip.
The women’s irons come in a True Temper Project X EvenFlow shaft with a Women’s Lamkin Crossline 360 grip.

The Dynapower iron set will have an RRP of £700/€800 (5-SW) for steel shafts and £800/€900 (5-SW) for graphite shafts. Both shaft options come in right and left-handed options. The 4-iron and GW are also available by request.

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