First Look – Cobra King TEC Utility iron

Peter Finnan

For 2023, Cobra has an updated offering, the King TEC Utility irons which are packed full of tech in a very clean sleek package that will appeal to a wide cross section of players.

On the outside, the King TEC Utility irons look like a muscle back blade. Looking down on the head the topline is slightly thicker, there is more offset and the sole is wider than you see in an elite golfer’s iron, but players expect to see that in utility clubs.

They also have a cast stainless steel body welded to a thin, forged ST-118 stainless steel face. The outside of the hitting area is perfectly flat, aside from the grooves, but the inner-facing side is covered with thin areas and thicker regions. Cobra refers to it as a H.O.T. face, which stands for highly optimised topography. The variable-thickness face broadens the sweet spot, so shots hit in the heel and toe areas are not penalised as much and fly nearly as far as centre-struck shots.


The face plate is shaped like an L, which Cobra calls PWRShell, and it allows the hitting area to flex more efficiently on thin shots.

To lower the CG and improve launch, Cobra have added a 56-gram tungsten bar inside the head of the King TEC Utility 2-iron and a 61-gram tungsten bar inside the King TEC Utility 3- through 5-iron.

To enhance sound and feel, designers injected the hollow chamber of the King TEC Utility irons with a polymer called Expancel 920 DU 40, its a polymer that expands to fill the inside of the head. The material is unique because it is very light and filled with microscopic air bubbles. When a golfer hits a shot, the face flexes back at impact and the polymer soaks up  vibrations and dampens sound so improved sound and feel do not come at the expense of ball speed and distance.

A ONE Length Tec Utility Iron configuration is also offered in a shorter 37.25” build to promote maximum consistency and accuracy when used with a ONE Length set or on its own. The ONE Length Utility features the highest amount of Tungsten at a whopping 83g.

The variable length KINGTM TEC Utility irons (£189 steel, £199 graphite) are available in a 2-Utility (17° – RH Only), 3-Utility (19°), 4 (22°), and a 5-Utility (25°), with LH available in custom only. The ONE Length KINGTM Tec Utility irons are available in a 3-Utility (19°), 4-Utility (22°), and 5-Utility (25°) in RH only. All KINGTM TEC Utility irons come standard with Lamkin Crossline grips and KBS S-Taper Lite steel shafts, and MCA MMT 80 (S, R) graphite shafts.

The KINGTM TEC Utility Iron will be available at retail on February 3rd, 2023.

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