Dawson takes six stroke lead to final round at RCD

Bernie McGuire

The temperature dropped and the wind got up as Tramore’s Robin Dawson took a big step towards claiming the Flogas Irish Amateur Open title, carding an afternoon starting third round 69 to extend his lead to six shots heading to the final day at Royal County Down.

Dawson, who was two shots clear at the start of the day currently sits on -8, with his nearest challenger being Alex Fitzpatrick (England) on -2 followed in third place by Castle’s Alex Gleeson on +2.

“It’s just another round of golf tomorrow, that’s how I see it,” said Dawson when asked about his approach for the final round.


Reflecting on Saturday’s performance, he said: “I thought I did everything well. It’s never going to be perfect but I am pretty pleased with the way I played. I missed a few putts but I also made a couple of putts. Being last out, we were not getting the best of the greens either so I am pleased to be in a nice position.”

Rob Brazill, who leads the Bridgestone Order of Merit, moved up the leaderboard for the second day running, climbing four places into a share of 14th on seven over. Mallow’s James Sugrue was one of the big movers in round three and is tied for 6th on six over after a level par round of 71.

In total, 55 players progressed to the final round as the cut fell at plus 12 and they will play lay in three-balls with Dawsons 11:29am starting trio separated by a full ten strokes.

Round Three Scores
205 R Dawson (Tramore),65,71,69
211 A Fitzpatrick (Eng),68,70,73
215 A Gleeson  (Castle),68,74,73
216 J Gough (Eng),71,72,73
218 T Clements (Eng),74,76,68
219 J Sugrue (Mallow),72,76,71; C Strickland (Eng),72,74,73; M Hammer (Ger),72,71,76; G Bloor (Eng),71,75,73; C Woollam (RSA),71,72,76; N Bachem (Ger),70,75,74; K Reitan (Norway),69,75,75; A Wilson (Eng),69,73,77
220 O Huggins (Eng),76,73,71; R Foley (Sui),75,69,76; J Schaper (RSA),73,77,70; B Hutchinson (Eng),73,75,72; R Brazill (Naas),73,72,75; T Vaillant (Fra),73,71,76; L Shepherd (Eng),72,80,68; M Saulez (RSA),69,74,77
221 T Vahlenkamp (Ger),74,75,72; F Hanisch (Ger),73,75,73; E Walker (Sco),72,72,77; S Watts (Cairndhu),70,76,75
222 B McKenzie (Eng),74,75,73; C Lamprecht (RSA),74,70,78; C Mansfield (RSA),73,74,75; N Poppleton (Eng),73,74,75; A Hill (Athenry),71,75,76; D Langley (Eng),71,72,79; D Hague (Eng),69,79,74
223 A Laussot (Fra),78,72,73; J McMahon (Eng),75,74,74; D Germishuys (RSA),75,73,75; A Flanagan (Eng),75,73,75; S Easton (Sco),74,70,79; J Yates (Naas),73,78,72; Q Debove (Fra),73,75,75; E McIntosh (Sco),72,78,73; M Mitchell  (RSA),72,74,77; T Nel (RSA),71,80,72
224 A McDougall (Sco),78,73,73; M Power (Kilkenny),77,72,75; D Howie (Sco),75,73,76; J Cope (Eng),73,78,73; J Hapgood (Wal),70,78,76; B Gill (Eng),70,77,77
225 T Plumb (Eng),78,74,73; M Waite (Eng),75,79,71; B Chamberlain (Wal),73,78,74; D Brophy (Castleknock),73,76,76; R Mullarney (Galway),71,77,77; P Melching (Ned),71,75,79; J Skov Olesen (Den),69,78,78

Missed Cut
226 G Petrozzi (Eng),78,75,73; L Abrial (Fra),78,70,78; N Muller (Fra),77,77,72; W Nienaber (RSA),77,76,73; R Pierse (Grange),76,76,74; S Locke (Sco),76,76,74; A Maguire (Laytown & Bettystown),74,74,78; C Barrow (Sco),72,83,71; G Chevalier (Fra),71,79,76; P Brennan (Belvoir Park),71,77,78; G Collins (Rosslare),70,78,78; C Thornton (Eng),70,76,80; D Rauch (Ger),69,80,77; M Martin (Eng),75,75,77; J Johnston (Sco),75,72,80; R Williams   (Eng),73,73,81; G Frimodt (Den),81,75,72; J de Bruyn (Ger),76,76,76; D Brown (Eng),76,76,76; A Petit (Fra),74,81,73; C Rafferty (Dundalk),74,77,77; T Carter (Eng),73,74,81; L Sanges (Wal),72,78,78; T McLarnon (Massereene),78,74,77; M Ryan (New Ross),77,74,78; H Goddard (Eng),76,77,76; R Neergaard-Petersen (Den),74,80,75; F Carr (Kirkistown Castle),74,79,76; M Norton (Belvoir Park),74,74,81; A Edwards-Hill (Eng),74,74,81; J Mc Donnell (Forrest Little),73,76,80; P O’Keeffe (Douglas),71,75,83; J Gaunt (Eng),78,70,82; R Williamson (Holywood),75,81,74; A Grant (Dundalk),75,75,80; W Porter (Sco),80,72,79; T Sloman (Eng),79,78,74; R Moran (Castle),76,73,82; B Jones (Eng),75,75,81; C Farr (Eng),75,75,81; B Anderson (The Royal Dublin),74,81,76; K Cantley  (Sco),74,78,79; S Done (Eng),74,76,81; C Denvir (Elm Park),73,78,80; H Foley (The Royal Dublin),78,75,79; T Thurloway (Eng),76,71,85; J Brady (Rosslare),73,79,80; J Wilson (Sco),71,80,81; D McNeill (Sco),82,83,68; C Woodroofe (Dun Laoghaire),82,75,76; J Madden (Royal Portrush),77,80,76; J Sundborg (Eng),74,82,77; J Davies (Wal),74,79,80; M Lamb (Eng),81,79,74; A Plumb (Eng),76,81,77; J Mist  (Eng),74,81,79; J Paterson (Sco),82,76,77; T Shin (Eng),81,76,78; O Crooks (Bushfoot),80,78,77; D Mary (Fra),79,76,80; J Whelan (Newlands),77,81,77; R Cannon (Balbriggan),69,77,89; D Coghlan (Portmarnock),79,85,72; K Egan (Carton House),78,80,79; E Smith (L;town & B’town),80,81,77; P Mullins (Wal),78,78,82; D Kitt (Athenry),80,78,81; R Black (Hilton Templepatrick),79,83,77; R Dutton (Tandragee),78,81,80; J Bolton (Eng),77,82,80; W Small (Tandragee),81,84,75; J Fletcher (Warrenpoint),79,82,79; D McAleenon (Edenmore),76,86,78; G Lenehan (Portmarnock),75,81,85; R Knightly (Royal Dublin),83,81,78; E Farrell (Ardee),78,85,80; M d’Harcourt (Fra),86,85,74
WD J Fox (Portmarnock),71,72,WD
NR P Coughlan (Castleknock),77,81
RTD M Jordan (Eng),69,74
WD J Pierse (Portmarnock),73,WD; J Walsh (Castle)
RTD J Glenn (Eng)

Round Four Draw / Sunday 20 May

08:00 : Jacob  Skov Olesen (Den) Peter  Melching (Ned)
08:11 : Ronan   Mullarney (Galway) Dylan  Brophy (Castleknock)
08:22 : Ben  Chamberlain (Wal) Mitch  Waite (Eng) Thomas  Plumb (Eng)
08:33 : Bailey  Gill (Eng) Jake  Hapgood (Wal) Jack  Cope (Eng)
08:44 : Darren  Howie (Sco) Mark  Power (Kilkenny) Alasdair  McDougall (Sco)
08:55 : Therion  Nel (RSA) Malcolm  Mitchell  (RSA) Euan  McIntosh (Sco)
09:06 : Quentin  Debove (Fra) Jonathan  Yates (Naas) Stuart  Easton (Sco)
09:17 : Angus  Flanagan (Eng) Deon  Germishuys (RSA) Joshua  McMahon (Eng)
09:28 : Aymeric  Laussot (Fra) David  Hague (Eng) David  Langley (Eng)
09:39 : Allan  Hill (Athenry) Nicholas  Poppleton (Eng) Clayton  Mansfield (RSA)
10:01 : Christo  Lamprecht (RSA) Billy  McKenzie (Eng) Stephen  Watts (Cairndhu)
10:12 : Euan  Walker (Sco) Falko  Hanisch (Ger) Timo  Vahlenkamp (Ger)
10:23 : Matt  Saulez (RSA) Laird  Shepherd (Eng) Tom  Vaillant (Fra)
10:34 : Robert  Brazill (Naas) Ben  Hutchinson (Eng) Jayden  Schaper (RSA)
10:45 : Robert  Foley (Switzerland) Olly  Huggins (Eng) Andrew  Wilson (Eng)
10:56 : Kristoffer  Reitan (Norway) Nick  Bachem (Ger) Chris  Woollam (RSA)
11:07 : George  Bloor (Eng) Marc  Hammer (Ger) Charlie  Strickland (Eng)
11:18 : James  Sugrue (Mallow) Todd  Clements (Eng) John  Gough (Eng)
11:29 : Alex  Gleeson  (Castle) Alex  Fitzpatrick (Eng) Robin  Dawson (Tramore)

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