Hogan takes the lead after day one at the Irish Speedgolf Open


Rob Hogan and the Hogan holster

The prestigious Irish Speedgolf Open has kicked off with an electrifying first day of action at the Castlebar Golf Club. Despite challenging weather conditions, the course held up remarkably well, and the greens received high praise from participants and spectators alike.

The event saw an enthusiastic turnout, with tons of people showing up to witness the fast-paced and exhilarating sport of Speedgolf. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as athletes demonstrated their skills and determination on the course.

In the men’s category, Rob Hogan emerged as the leader after an impressive performance on day one. Hogan’s exceptional Speedgolf Time + score of 116.37 (Time – 37.37, Score – 79) secured his position at the top of the leader board. He showcased his prowess in both speed and accuracy, leading the pack by a significant margin of 7 strokes.


The competition remained fierce, with Luke Willet closely trailing Hogan. Willet recorded a Speedgolf Time + score of 123.50 (Time – 42.50, Score – 81), showcasing his commitment to the sport and setting the stage for an exciting showdown in the days to come.

In the women’s division, Liz McKinnon from New Zealand took the lead with an impressive performance. Her Speedgolf Time + score of 129.20 (Time – 52.20, Score – 77) displayed her exceptional skills, earning her the top spot in the rankings.

Kathy Leppard, the second-place contender, also exhibited determination and skill, clocking a Speedgolf Time + score of 175.33 (Time – 60.33, Score – 115).

With challenging weather conditions and intense competition, the Irish Speedgolf Open promises an engaging and thrilling experience for both athletes and spectators. The event continues on Sunday, 13th August, as participants vie for the coveted titles in both the men’s and women’s categories.

Below are some images from Day One

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