Faldo slams BBC declaring they should be at the Masters

Bernie McGuire

Nick Faldo (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

The BBC again is in the firing line over their golf coverage or, more to the point, their lack of golf coverage.

This time it’s Nick Faldo slamming the ‘Beeb’ declaring ‘it’s not right .. they should be there’ after confirmation the embattled TV network won’t be on the ground for next week’s Masters.

We know for a fact it was a then 13-year-old Faldo watching the 1971 Masters on TV that he says ignited his passion to play golf but that was over 50-years ago.


“Well, it’s not right,” says the six-time Major winning Faldo speaking to The Telegraph.

“It’s a global sport and Augusta is its showcase. They should be there. Very simple, they really should be there.”

It’s been some eight months since a teary-eyed Faldo stepped down from his role as an analyst with the CBS TV golf coverage, but then we learnt on Tuesday he’s been coached back into the Augusta National commentary booth by SKY Sports Golf to be a member of next month’s Masters team

Of course, the BBC and the Masters have been increasing distant since SKY Sports became the host UK broadcasters in 2011 while in recent years, the BBC has been restricted to showing highlights, including last year when it produced a paltry 90-minute highlights package at 8am (UK time) on Friday, a similar second round package on the Saturday night, and then it wasn’t till near on 9pm (UK time) Saturday that those tuning-in didn’t see highlights of round three.

Then to add insult to golf fans, the final round highlights did not air till 1pm (UK time) Monday … some 13 hours after Scottie Scheffler was fitted with his green jacket.

Of course, since the emergence of SKY Sports, the BBC, or more to the point, the UK government just has not got the cash to match SKY in anything when it comes to sport.

But then the BBC again showed its apparent disdain for golf with reigning US Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick not even on a short list of candidates for 2022 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

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