Irish company SEED continues as Official Ball to PGA EuroPro Tour

The PGA EuroPro Tour is delighted to announce that SEED will continue to be the Official Ball for the 2021 season with the ball continuing to make its mark in the golf ball market.

SEED have worked closely with the PGA EuroPro Tour since 2017 and like the Tour have led the way in innovation in their case in the search for creating the optimal golf ball at an optimal price for all and this year will see the Ireland based company launch the SD•X1 in April.

The SD•X1 is optimised for athletic golfers with higher swing speeds. A high compression core and a new aero dimple pattern means this one’s for the bombers. Lower spin rate off the driver, longer and lower ball trajectory and still with plenty of spin and control from 100 yards. The SD•X1 is perfect for golfers with 110mph+ swing speeds who are looking for that performance “X” factor.


Whilst the SD•01 produces gains through the bag, the SD•X1 is optimised for a lower, tour-preferred flight and maximum driver distance. Players who choose it are likely to low handicap or stronger swingers looking for maximum distance off the tee.

Dan Godding, CEO at the PGA EuroPro Tour said: “This ball is phenomenal. We work with a lot of new brands and Seed have entered the golf market with a stunning product. Personally I love this ball and travel the world with it in my bag. Playing well, this ball handles the good shots with ease. With loads of control and distance it feels like the ball is on a piece of string while not holding back.”

“For the Tour and Players, it is fantastic to be working with a golf brand making their break into the market much like our golfers moving through the stages to the very top level. It’s a ball that could carry them to their future.”

Dean Klatt, Managing Director of Seed: “Seeds relationship with the PGA EuroPro Tour dates back to 2017 when the tour took a punt on a small start-up golf brand with one ball design and big ambitions. Seed has now grown to offer a wide range of products to customers in 37 countries. This year ushers in the upgrade of all our Pro model balls and the launch of our most advanced ball, the SD-X1. The X1 has been designed for elite golfers with strong swing speeds & access to the Tour has been instrumental in the development of this new project. We’re thrilled to be continuing our association and look forward to working with the Tour organisers and players again in 2021.”

To celebrate the partnership and the return of golf in England and Northern Ireland next week, the Tour is giving away a dozen golf balls to one lucky follower from across its social media. The competition can be found HERE.


Seed Golf is based in Co. Carlow, Ireland and delivers tour grade golf equipment direct to golfers for a fraction of the cost of comparable brands. Seed’s balls can be ordered directly on their website.


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