Munster Boys claim U14 Interprovincial title

Bernie McGuire

Congratulations to the Munster Boys who won the U14 Interprovincial title at the Slieve Russell yesterday. The U16 and U18 titles are still underway and will be decided today.

GUI Underage Interprovincial Championships at Slieve Russell Golf Club

Under 14 Interprovincial Championship
Munster 4 Connacht 1 (Munster names first)
Alex King & Zak Collins halved with Charlie Kelly & Adam Challoner; Eoghan Cassidy beat Rory Donnellan 4&3; Morgan O’Sullivan beat Sean McLoughlin 6&5; Ronan Herbert halved with Aodhagan Brady; Lestyn Winn beat Luke Cunningham 2&1


Leinster 1.5 Ulster 3.5 (Leinster names first)
Gavin O’Neill & Matthew Giles beat Max Carson & Charlie Parke 1 hole; Joseph Laverty lost to Lewis Fox 3&2; Thomas Lanigan lost to Corey Scullion 2&1; Aiden O’Carroll lost to Fionn Dobbin 1 hole; Daniel Mulligan halved with Adam Buchanan

Final Standings – U14 Interprovincial Championship
1 Munster (2)
2 Leinster (2)
3 Ulster (1.5)
4 Connacht (0.5)

Under 16 Interprovincial Championship
Ulster 4 Munster 1 (Ulster names first)
Josh Black & Ewan McArthur halved with Rory Milne & Patrick Naughton; Joshua Hill beat Fionn Hickey 2&1; Aaron Blair halved with Mel Deasy; Edward Rowe beat Rory Fives 1 hole; Conor Byrne beat James O’Callaghan 5&4

Connacht 1.5 Leinster 3.5 (Connacht names first)
Daniel Ford & Paul Costello lost to Joshua McCabe & David Marshall 2&1; Thomas Higgins lost to Dylan Keating 4&3; Sam Murphy beat Jamie Butler 2 holes; Niall McDermott lost to Robert Galligan 6&5; Gavan Keogh halved with Evan Shipp

Ulster 4.5 Connacht 0.5(Ulster names first)
Conor Byrne & Joshua Hill bt Thomas Higgins & Niall McDermott 2&1; Josh Black bt Paul Costello w/o; Ewan McArthur bt Sam Murphy 2&1; Edward Rowe haled with Daniel Ford; Aaron Blair bt Gavan Keogh 2&1

Munster 4 Leinster 1 (Munsternames first)
James O’Callaghan & Rory Fives lost to Dylan Keating & Jamie Butler 6&5; Patrick Naughton bt Joshua McCabe 3&2; Rory Milne bt David Marshall 3&2; Mel Deasy bt Robert Galligan 2&1; Fionn Hickey bt Evan Shipp 4&3

Under 18 Interprovincial Championship
Leinster 5 Connacht 5 (Leinster names first)
Eoin Murphy & Max Kennedy halved with Luke O’Neill & Liam Nolan; Sean Doyle & Paul Conroy halved with Simon Walker & Darren Leufer; Charlie Denvir & Alex Maguire lost to Allan Hill & David Kitt 2 holes;

Eoin Murphy bt Luke O’Neill; 2&1 Alex Maguire lost to Sean Carroll 4&3; Max Kennedy bt Liam Nolan 3&2; Paul Conroy bt Darren Leufer 4&3; Adam Smith lost to Allan Hill 1 hole; Sean Doyle lost to Simon Walker 6&5; Charlie Denvir bt David Kitt 1 hole.

Munster 3 Ulster 7 (Ulster names first)
Aaron Marshall & Tom McKibbin bt Jake O’Riordan & Daniel Raher 5&4; Odhran Maguire & Joshua Robinson bt Jonathan Keane & Scott O’Brien 5&4; Thomas Plunkett & Kyle Patton bt Edward Walsh & Aaron Cashin 1 hole;

Aaron Marshall bt Scott O’Brien 5&4; Tom McKibbin bt Ian Halpin 9&7; Odhran Maguire bt Jake O’Riordan 7&6 Joshua Robinson lost to Jonathan Keane 1 Hole; Scott Jones lost to Edward Walsh 1 hole; Kyle Patton bt Aaron Cashin 1 hole; Thomas Plunkett lost to Daniel Raher 7&6


Under 16 Interprovincial Championship

0900 Munster v Connacht (Munster names first)
M Deasy & F Hickey v S Murphy & G Keogh
P Naughton v T Higgins; R Milne v D Ford; R Fives v N McDermott; J O’Callaghan v P Costello

0940 Ulster v Leinster (Ulster names first)
E Rowe & A Blair v R Galligan & E Shipp
E McArthur v J Butler; J Black v D Marshall; J Hill v J McCabe; C Byrne v D Keating

Under 18 Interprovincial Championship

0745 Foursomes: Ulster v Connacht (Ulster names first)
A Marshall & T McKibbin v S Carroll & S Walker; O Maguire & J Robinson v L O’Neill & L Nolan; K Patton & T Punkett v A Hill & D Kitt

1245 Singles
A Marshall v D Leufer; T McKibbin v S Carroll; O Maguire v L Nolan; J Robinson v A Hill; S Jones v D Kitt; K Patton v S Walker; T Plunkett v L O’Neill

0809 Foursomes: Leinster v Munster (Leinster names first)
E Murphy & M Kennedy v E Walsh & S O’Brien; S Doyle & P Conroy v A Cashin & D Raher; C Denvir & A Maguire v J Keane & I Halpin.

1341 Singles
E Murphy v D Raher; A Smith v E Walsh; M Kennedy v J Keane; P Conroy v A Cashin; A Maguire v S O’Brien; S Doyle v J O’Riordan; C Denvir v I Halpin

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