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Social media and the internet have become such a big part of our daily lives that we likely would struggle to function now without them. We have endless amounts of information available to us at any moment in time and any unanswered question is merely a “Google” away.

However, despite the infinite amount of positive uses for social media, there can be a dark side to it which needs to be addressed.

Through the Golf4Girls4Life Programme, the ILGU and CGI have welcomed more than fifty Programme Ambassadors to inspire the next generation of golfers with their stories. The programme aims to create not only competent players who enjoy the game but well-rounded individuals as well.

Carla Reynolds, Head of Communications and Social Media for the ILGU said; “Through our consultations with junior golfers we recognised that young people are utilising a range of social media accounts and aren’t always aware of who they are talking to. We are committed to creating a holistic environment through Golf4Girls4Life and believe we have a responsibility to educate juniors, parents and convenors of the potential risks. The ambassadors raising awareness is our first step in doing this.”

Four of the Ambassadors have come together to raise awareness of online and social media safety for children. Maynooth Universities Paddy Harrington Golf Scholars Mary Doyle (The Heath), Ciara Casey (Hermitage), Clodagh Walsh (Castlewarden) and Molly Dowling (Lucan) have numerous accolades between them including both International and Provincial Caps. All four love their phones and social media for different reasons but recognise that there is a need to be aware before they post and take a break from the online world sometimes.

“I love social media because I can keep in contact and share some of my life with my friends, especially those who are abroad,” explained Golf4Girls4Life Ambassador Mary Doyle, “but I am always quite conscious of what I post online because once it’s up there it can be hard to make it go away.”

The video “Stay Safe Online” features the Ambassadors referring to their favourite social platform but also highlighting what they are mindful about when posting with a list of tips for social media use included.



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