Dawson cherishing chance at Irish Girls’ on home turf


Corrina Griffin (Killarney), Anna Dawson (Tramore) and Olivia Costello (Roscommon) Picture: Golffile | Thos Caffrey

Tramore Golf Club will play host to the Irish Girls’ Close Championship this week from July 14 – 16. Anna Dawson is one of 50 under-18 players from across the island who will bid to win the coveted trophy, however she will have home advantage on her side.

“If you’re able to keep the ball straight you’ll stay out of trouble I think,” said Dawson of the strengths needed this week on the south-east course. “It’s after getting very narrow in a lot of places, they’ve let the rough and some trees grow a bit so if you keep on the fairway this week then you’ll definitely have a chance.”

This will be Dawson’s fifth and last Irish Girls’ Close Championship. Having turned 18 earlier this year she will start her collegiate career with the Little Rock University Golf Team in September. Her memories of competing in girls’ championships in recent times focus on friendships made rather than scores she has posted or where she’s finished on the leader board.


“Definitely meeting new people and the new friends I’ve made are what stand out, and getting to visit different courses all around the country,” she said.

“I did really miss the competition last year. You’d have missed going away to different courses, travelling with the girls to loads of different places. You’d just miss it. Sometimes you get fed up playing in your own course the whole time, it’s nice to play different ones as well.”

Dawson will be excited to play her home course this week, however as she welcomes her peers to Waterford. Even showing defending Champion Beth Coulter (Kirkistown Castle) around her first look at the course.

“I’m always going on about Waterford being great, up the Déise! So it’s great that all the girls can come down here. We’re actually going to go down to the amusements now and have a bit of fun for an hour or two before heading home and getting ready for tomorrow.”

Play gets underway at 8am on Wednesday morning before the top 16 qualifiers play head-to-head until the 2021 Irish Girls’ Close Champion is crowned on Friday.

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