18,000 people log-in for Interclub action with ClubNet


As this year’s Interclub competitions get into full swing, golf clubs are being encouraged to sign up to live scoring with ClubNet so members can follow all the action, wherever they are in the world.

Irish software company Golfgraffix is bringing the golf community together like never before, with 115 clubs and some 74,000 members already signed up to the platform.
The company’s ClubNet App provides digital alternatives to traditional golf services and its live scoring feature is proving a real hit with Club and Team Managers across Ireland, enabling them to keep their membership base up-to-date with all the latest from the golf course, in one interactive space.

“Most people think you need to have the full ClubNet Package App to do the live scoring, but it’s actually a module on its own,” Golfgraffix CEO John Aherne explained.
“It’s a zero set-up fee and €350 for 12 months. Clubs will be up and running for live scoring within a day, and we’ll give each of the Team Managers a log-in and they can set up as many club matches as they wish.


“The beauty of it is that it streamlines the communication channels, so instead of Club Managers sending out emails and WhatsApp’s etc, they can update the scoring on the system and send out a push notification which will notify all the members at the club.
“They can include a message to say, ‘Hi guys, match is tight. We could do with extra support’, and next thing they could have twenty or thirty people leaving the clubhouse for the course to watch it.”
Facebook might be famous for connecting people but with ClubNet’s live scoring system, members have been empowered to engage with their clubs, whether they’re at home or abroad.

“We got an email from a lady last year who qualified to play Interclub for the first time in her life,” Aherne added. “The great thing was, her two sons watched her playing live from Australia. They were texting, ‘we can see you, Mam. You’re 1UP, keep going!’
“Golf clubs generally have a great social aspect to them anyway but the live scoring is really adding to the atmosphere and the club experience as a whole.”

Given the traffic streaming through the App, the live scoring system also represents an exciting opportunity for golf clubs to advertise their sponsors on the platform. With unlimited push notifications, and scope for setting up as many matches as a club desires, ClubNet’s live scoring is proving a must-have resource for a busy summer’s golf.
ClubNet has long been established at clubs like County Louth, Portmarnock Links and Ballyliffin. It’s easy to use and promotes social distancing, all the while bringing your club’s golf community together, now more than ever.

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