Pitchfix offers just the PickCup golfers need

Peter Finnan

Golf will be one of the first sports to embrace the “new normal” after confirmation that courses will reopen with restrictions from May 18th.

It was on Tuesday, March 24th when the siren blasted over fairways across Ireland that play should be abandoned because of COVID-19 but golf has been given the green light again, or perhaps amber, and it’s innovative companies like Pitchfix that could have a major impact on golf’s reintroduction to our daily life.

The company’s latest product, ‘PickCup’ was originally designed in response to the new R&A and USGA rule that the flagstick can remain in the hole while putting a ball that’s on the green.

Given the necessity to social distance that has come to light since the new rules of golf were introduced, PickCup is now more relevant than ever and has been adapted to become a major player in the golf industry as we look to see out this pandemic.

The design has been assessed and ‘conforms to the Rules of Golf’ when used conventionally as a ball retriever, designed to protect hole. But now, it’s being adapted by innovative green-keeping teams to create shallow holes that create a safer environment for players during Covid-19 too.

Pitchfix want to see golf courses that are safe to play on and even in these uncertain times, honour the spirit of the game. PickCup is designed as an easy to install ball retrieval system to help speed up play and protect hole conditions all season. The PickCup is also now being used by Clubs to create shallow holes which maintain the integrity of putting but removes the need for players to touch the flagstick and potentially spread infections.

PickCup is a great way to reduce maintenance costs as holes are damaged less and need to be relocated less often.

Points to note:

It’s Legal PickCup is designed and officially ruled to conform with the Rules of Golf, for use now and in the future to protect your investment.

It’s Professional and has been Designed by Professionals for Professionals, no gimmicks just high-performance parts, built to deliver superior performance over an entire season.

It’s Discreet and does its job without interfering with play or ruining the course aesthetic.

It’s Effective and is simple to install and can be adapted, enabling players to retrieve their ball without touching the flagstick.

It’s flexible when used to create shallow holes now to reopen your course and full depth 100% legal holes when the current situation passes and the normal rules of golf are reinstated.

It’s durable and is built to last, with no moving parts or elements that might malfunction over time.

Pitchfix has also released a promo version of the product that works exactly the same but is also being used by clubs to secure revenue from hole sponsors too.

For more information, visit https://www.pitchfix.com/product/pickcup/

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