Idiots on motorbikes destroy green at Walton Heath

The first at Walton Heath GC's New Course

One silver lining us golfers have clung to during these COVID-19 restrictions is that time away from the golf course is time for the course itself to rest and prosper as maintenance crews ensure pristine conditioning upon our return.

At Walton Heath, that consolation prize has been ripped from players’ grasps after a gang of idiots on motorbikes tore up one of the greens on the New course at the English golf club.

Passers by could only watch on in disbelief as the vandals defaced the 1981 Ryder Cup host venue before hooning off, but only after leaving a total trail of destruction in their wake.


Greenkeepers were greeted by the sight of deep donuts dug into the short grass of the first green of the New Course at the Surrey Club and the police have been contacted.

It’s bad enough that the fools in question were breaking Government restrictions by being out in the first place but to destroy the hard work of so many is unforgivable given all the suffering going on in the world already. Let’s hope they’re caught and punished accordingly.


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One response to “Idiots on motorbikes destroy green at Walton Heath”

  1. Tony Mitchel avatar
    Tony Mitchel

    Were the people at the golf club filming not also breaking restrictions about being out?

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