IGCMA Mental Health seminars set for Malone and Milltown


The Irish Golf and Club Managers Association will be hosting two upcoming seminars on the importance of Mental Health in your business.

The role of the Club Manager can be a stressful one and though most of us are able to handle it, it can occasionally get away from you. Headspace has taken on increasing importance given our often overwhelming intake of screen time between work commitments and home.

The seminars will be addressing all aspects of this sensitive topic over two sessions next week.


The first is in Malone GC on Monday March 9th at 10.00am.

The second is in Milltown GC on Tuesday March 10th at 10.00am.

There is a nominal charge of £30 in Malone and €35 in Milltown.

There is a strong precedent for such seminars to take place as we continue to grow our understanding around mental health. By way of explanation, UK research has shown that :

  • 1 in 5 people have taken a day off due to stress, but 90% feel unable to tell their employer that mental health is the reason for their absence.
  • 85% of managers feel that employees well-being is their responsibility, but only 16% of employees felt able to discuss a mental health issue with their manager.
  • Employment is a primary determinant of health, impacting both directly and indirectly on the individual, their colleagues and their families.
  • 74% of adults are in employment, spending on average one third of their waking hours in the workplace.

Evidence shows that a good working environment is good for health and that a poor working environment (characterised by low levels of job control, poor communication and organisational fairness) may contribute to poor health.

As an approved provider of MHFA accredited courses, bespoke Mental Health and EQ workshops, 1:1 executive coaching and mentoring services, group workshops and presentation coaching courses, LIFECYCLE offers business leaders, management teams and their colleagues modern day thinking and proven tools to deal with the growing demands of effective communication, in a world where employees are increasingly aware of their own mental health and well-being.

Please feel free to bring your staff with you . If you’re attending in either Malone or Milltown, Email Admin@igcma.com to book in.

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