Augusta officials left red-faced over Masters invitation to the wrong Scott Stallings

Fatiha Betscher

Scott Stallings (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

The now red-faced Masters officials at Augusta National owe a second golfer named Scott Stallings a big favour.

A second Scott Stallings? Yes, there are two Scott Stallings and each has a wife named Jennifer.

The officials running next April’s Masters are currently enduring worldwide embarrassment after mailing an invitation to tee-up in the 87th Masters to a non-PGA Tour golfer named Scott Stallings, who resides in Georgia, when the invitation should have been sent to the three-time PGA Tour winning Tennessee-based Scott Stallings.


The pro-golfer Stallings last contested the Masters in 2014 but knowing that being inside the top-50 on the world rankings at the end of the 2022 ranking period would earn him an invitation, he looked forward with excitement to the formal invitation arriving in the post.

And while many others heading to this year’s Masters were tweeting their prize invitation, Stallings was checking his letter box a few times each day wondering where was his Augusta invitation.

Well, thanks to a second Scott Stallings we know the answer as Augusta National sent the invitation to the wrong Scott Stallings as the pro golfer Scott Stallings revealed the bizarre and now hilarious full details in a tweet.

What are the odds of there being two Scott Stallings and what chance also that their wives shared the same names?

Yes, it’s an understandable mistake but with the mistake emanating from one of the more exclusive sporting clubs in the world is clearly not acceptable.

It’s why Augusta National should be thanking the second Scott Stallings for his fine gesture in getting in touch with the Scott Stallings, to whom the invitation should have been directed.

Just think what an embarrassment it could have caused if the invitation had been sent to the second Scott Stallings just weeks out from the April 6th commencing Masters but you can bet Augusta will take steps to ensure this mistake will not happen again.

And here’s betting that if Augusta National does not come good with a patrons pass to the second Scott Stallings, that the golfer Scott Stallings will be offering his namesake player’s passes to both he and his wife, Jennifer.

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