Leinster Double Champions at U18 Interprovincial Matches

Ronan MacNamara

Leinster do the Double during the Under 18 Boys & Girls Interprovincial Championships 2022 at the Hilton Templepatrick Golf Club. (Image: Golf Ireland / Thos Caffrey - Golffile)

Leinster regained the title of U18 Interprovincial Champions in both the Girls’ and Boys’ events today at Hilton Templepatrick Golf Club.

Heading into the final day with a clear advantage, the Leinster Girls faced their counterparts from Connacht over 3 foursomes and 6 singles matches.

All three foursomes matches would go in favour of the Leinster pairings in the morning session, meaning only 3 more points were needed in the afternoon. Emma Fleming (Elm Park), Sarah O’Brien (Elm Park) and Caoimhe O’Grady (Blackbush) duly obliged, and the final score was 8-1 in favour of the Champions.

“It was a great week with the team,’ said O’Grady, who was top points scorer of the week, “we all bonded well and it’s always a great week.

“I didn’t realise I was top points scorer, I played well. My short game in particular was pretty good. The greens were tricky and it was a really good course, my game was just good this week.”

Meanwhile, Ulster secured their silver medal position with a compelling win over Munster. Kayleigh Mulholland (Moyola Park) contributed 5 points from 6 to the 22.5 team total.

The Munster Boys’ suffered their first defeat of the week to a strong Leinster side who needed just 4.5 points from today’s tie to win. Leinster secured two of those points in the foursomes session before Thomas Abom (Edmondstown), Adam Kelly (New Forest) and Calum Ward (Carton House) got the side over the line.

Abom, Kelly and Gavin Tiernan (Co. Louth) were the top points scorers for the side, each banking 4 points for their team. Abom, who was representing Leinster for the second time this week, enjoyed every second with his teammates.

“Yeah it was a great week, they’re a great bunch of lads. I’d a rough day the first day but Adam gave me a talking too and I came out and won the rest of my matches which was nice.

“It’s serious on the golf course but off the course it’s been really enjoyable and an experience I’ll never forget.”

Connacht were runners up in the Boys’ event with Irish Boys’ Champion Tom Cafferky (Ballinasloe) and Adam Challoner (Galway Bay) contributing 10 points between them.

U18 Boys’ Interprovincial Matches

Round 1 – Tuesday 19 July
CONNACHT (4) LEINSTER (6) (Connacht names first): Kelly & Challoner beat Abom & Kelly 1 hole, Cafferky & Mooney beat Mitten & Ward 6&5, Penny & Harrison lost to Tiernan & Mitchell 6&4, Mooney lost to Tiernan 5&4, Penney lost to Kelly 4&3, Cafferky beat Abom 1 hole, Gilligan lost to Ward 2&1, Harrison lost to Mitten 4&3, Challoner lost to Murphy 2&1, Kelly beat Mitchell 1hole

MUNSTER (5) ULSTER (5) (Munster names first): Collins & Flavin halved with McKee & Bickerstaff, Magill & Lyons beat Allister & Rocks 3&2, Galvin & Cassidy lost to Carson & Murphy 4&3, Cassidy lost to McKee 7&6, Flavin halved with Bickerstaff, Magill beat Allister 3&2, L Lyons beat Stevenson 2&1, R Lyons lost to Carson 5&4, Galvin lost to Murphy 1 hole, Collins beat Rocks 2&1

Round 2 – Wednesday 20 July
LEINSTER (5.5) ULSTER (4.5) (Leinster names first): Abom & Kelly beat McKee & Bickerstaff 5&4, Tiernan & Mitchell beat Allister & Rocks 1 hole, Ward & Murphy lost to Carson & Murphy 3&2, Abom beat Rocks 7&6, Kelly lost to Carson 1 hole, Tiernan beat Stevenson 2&1, Mitchell lost to Murphy 5&3, Ward lost to Bickerstaff 2holes, Murphy halved with McKee, Mitten beat Allister 2&2

MUNSTER (5) CONNACHT (5) (Munster names first): Collins & Flavin lost to Kelly & Challoner 1 hole, Magill & Lyons lost to Mooney & Cafferky 2 holes, Galvin & Lyons halved with Penney & Gilligan, Collins beat Kelly 2&1, Flavin beat Cafferky 2&1, Cassidy halved with Harrison, Magill lost to Mooney 1hole, L Lyons beat Penny 5&4, Galvin beat Gilligan 1hole, R Lyons lost to Challoner 6&5

Round 3 – Thursday 21 July
ULSTER (3.5) CONNACHT (6.5) (Ulster names first): Carson & Murphy lost to Kelly & Challoner 3&2, Bickerstaff & Rocks lost to Cafferky & Mooney 5&4, Stevenson & McKee beat Gilligan & Harrison 3&1, Murphy beat Harrison 1 hole, Carson lost to Kelly 2&1, Bickerstaff lost to Cafferky 2&1, Allister lost to Challoner 1 hole, Stevenson beat Mooney 1 hole, McKee lost to Penney 2&1, Rocks halved Gilligan

LEINSTER (6.5) MUNSTER (3.5) (Leinster names first): Abom & Kelly beat Collins & Flavin 3&2, Tiernan & Mitchell lost to Magilll & L Lyons 2 holes, Mitten & Murphy beat Galvin & Cassidy 2&1, Abom beat Collins 4&3, Mitten halved with Flavin, Kelly beat Magill 5&3, Tiernan lost to L Lyons 5&4, Ward beat R Lyons, Murphy beat Cassidy 5&4, Mitchell lost to Galvin 2&1


U18 Girls’ Interprovincial Matches

Round 1 – Tuesday 19 July
CONNACHT (5.5) MUNSTER (3.5) (Connacht names first) Dillon & Conlon beat Burke and Bullock 5&4, McLoughlin & Morrow halved with Sharkey & Breen, Lonergan & Reynolds beat Moynihan & Grattan 2 holes, Dillon beat Burke 2 holes, Conlon lost to Sharkey 3&2, McLoughlin lost to Breen 3&2, Lonergan beat Grattan 3&1, Reynolds lost to Moynihan 2&1, Higgins beat Southern 5&4

ULSTER (2.5) LEINSTER (6.5) (Ulster names first) Lee-McNamara & Proctor lost to Fleming & O’Brien 1 hole, Mulholland & Currie lost to Park & Abom 1 hole, McMeekin & Hastings lost to Maxwell & O’Grady 3&1, Lee-McNamara halved with Fleming, McMeekin lost to Abom 2&1, Mulholland beat O’Brien 2holes, O Currie lost to O’Grady 3&2, Proctor lost to Maxwell 7&6, J Currie lost to Ní Cheilleachair 3&2

Round 2 – Wednesday 20 July
CONNACHT (2) ULSTER (7) (Connacht names first): Dillon & Conlon lost to Lee-McNamara & Proctor 3&2, Morrow & Higgins lost to O Currie & Mulholland 5&3, Reynolds & Lonergan lost to McMeekin & J Currie 2 holes, Dillon lost to Lee-McNamara 7&5, Conlon beat McMeekin 4&3, Morrow lost to Mulholland 4&3, McLoughlin lost to O Currie 3&2, Lonergan beat Proctor 4&2, Higgins lost to Hastings 2&1

LEINSTER (6.5) MUNSTER (2.5) (Leinster names first): Fleming & Abom lost to Burke & Grattan 2&1, Maxwelll & O’Grady beat Sharkey & Breen 2&1, Park & Ní Cheilleachair halved with Bullock & Moynihan, Fleming beat Burke 4&3, Abom beat Sharkey 5&4, O’Brien beat Bullock 2&1, O’Grady beat Breen 7&6, Maxwell lost to Grattan 4&3, Park beat Moynihan 8&6

Round 3 – Thursday 21 July
ULSTER (8) MUNSTER (1) (Ulster names first): Lee-McNamara & Proctor beat Burke & Grattan 1hole, O Currie & Mulholland beat Bullock & Moynihan 5&4, McMeekin & J Currie beat Breen & Southern 7&5, Lee-McNamara beat Burke 5&4, McMeekin beat Bullock 5&4, Mulholland beat Breen 5&4, Currie beat Grattan 4&3, Proctor lost to Moynihan 3&2, Hastings beat Southern 6&5

LEINSTER (8) CONNACHT (1) (Leinster names first): Fleming & Abom beat Dillon & Conlon 4&3, O’Brien & O’Grady beat Higgins & Morrow 7&5, Park & Ní Cheilleachair beat McLoughlin & Reynolds 5&4, Fleming beat Dillon 4&3, Abom lost to Conlon 5&4, O’Brien beat Morrow 2&1, O’Grady beat McLoughlin 2&1, Maxwell beat Lonergan 4&3, Park beat Reynolds 4&3

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