Ko commended for speaking openly about “that time of the month”

John Craven

Lydia Ko (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

World number 3 Lydia Ko has been widely praised for her post-round interview at the LPGA Tour’s Palos Verdes Championship on Sunday where she explained the reason why she was receiving on-course treatment during the final round.

The Kiwi star was pictured working alongside her physiotherapist, stretching out her back and hips, but when asked if the apparent injury would be a concern moving forward by Golf Channel interviewer Jerry Foltz, Ko smiled and said no, revealing the tightness she was working through had been caused by her period.


“I hope not. It’s that time of the month,” said Ko. “I know the ladies watching are probably like, ‘yeah, I got you’.

“So, when that happens, my back gets really tight, and I’m all twisted. It’s not the first time that Chris has seen me twisted, but it felt a lot better after he came. So, yeah, there you go.”

As Ko laughed through her response, interviewer Foltz was clearly flustered, uttering a sharp “thanks” as Ko joked:

“I know you’re at a loss for words, Jerry! Honesty it is.”

Perhaps the only surprising thing to come out of this back and forth is that periods aren’t discussed more when it comes to women in sport. By speaking honestly, Ko normalised a very normal and natural thing but her comments went viral regardless with many observers believing it’s a subject that’s not discussed nearly enough, particularly when it comes to how periods can affect an athlete’s performance.

“It’s really healthy that we actually mention it as a normal part of sport that has to be factored in, not just physically, but also psychologically,” said Clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo on Today FM NZ.

“We have to consider that people go through cycles and we have to think about that when we are planning training and events.

“Menstrual problems are a common part of elite sport, and finally we have a gateway to discuss it. So go Lydia, I say.”

Ko tied for third at the event, two shots behind champion in California, Marina Alex.

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