Quick-fire questions – Find out what the players think of first when it comes to Augusta

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The 11th hole in Augusta, Georgia. Getty Images

Weather permitting, those golfers teeing up in the 86th hosting of the Masters have till 3pm today (local time – Wednesday) to wind up their preparations ahead of the championship.

It will be a case of the old tournament golf saying: “If you haven’t got your game sorted out by now, then it’s good luck!”

Of course, all interest will centre on whether five-time Masters champ Tiger Woods thinks he will be fit to be introduced Thursday at 10.24am on the first tee: ‘Fore please! Tiger Woods now driving”.


Only at Augusta National will you hear such an introduction, and only at Augusta National can you ask the players specific questions about a golf tournament that you could not ask at any other golf course or at any other event.

So, with the main player previews already being written and posted, Irish Golfer Magazine is going to wind down with another treat for our readers.

We’ve already had some of the best at Augusta this week tell us what they think about Pimento Cheese sandwiches, so we asked them a few  ‘just what comes first into your mind’ questions

Let’s start with Ireland’s own Shane Lowry ahead of a seventh straight Masters and for everyone’s information, Magnolia Lane is 330 yards or 301 meters long.

SHANE LOWRY – 2019 Open Champion:

Augusta National – The best place in the world

Driving down Magnolia Lane – It is one of the most special feelings in golf.

Do you know how long it is – I will have a guess and say it is about 270-yards.

Shopping for souvenirs  – The first thing I buy every year is the Scotty Cameron replica putters. They make about 2,000 of them, so I keep one for myself and the other one is a gift.

Jacket size – I have no idea but I’d be sure to find out on Sunday evening!

BUBBA WATSON  – Double Masters winner:

Augusta National – The greatest sporting event in the world

Driving down Magnolia Lane – Oh my God! It’s surreal. It brings energy to you, no matter how you are because you’re a kid.

Shopping for souvenirs – I buy flags right away because I take them to the Champions Dinner and get all the former champions to sign them.

Hardest hole – The 18th for me personally is the toughest hole just because it’s a tough tee shot. I’ve gotta lay back short of the bunkers and then you have to hit a good iron shot and hope to find the green.

Jacket size – (Laughing) I have no idea. The first one they put on me, I just said don’t take it off. I’m keeping it.

TYRRELL HATTON – Six-time DP World Tour & one-time PGA Tour winner:

Augusta National – A very special place and definitely a place you want to be at the start of April each year.

Driving down Magnolia Lane – It’s an experience I have been fortunate to enjoy the last six years, so it is very special

How Long is Magnolia Lane – Ahhh 230-yards

Shopping for souvenirs  – I usually buy a few long-sleeve t-shirts, some mugs and try and get one of the Masters edition Scotty Cameron putter.

Jacket size – Good question. I am trying to think of Happy Gilmore and what did he say: ‘I’m a 46 but my left sleeve is a little longer than my right (laughing)’

TOMMY FLEETWOOD – DP World Tour former No. 1 & teeing-up in sixth Masters:

Augusta National – Everything green.

Driving down Magnolia Lane – What a great way to start and end your day, driving down one of the most famous sections of roadway in all of golf.

How long is Magnolia Lane – Three hundred and something yards

Shopping for souvenirs  – My wife does all the shopping  but it’s normal stuff for the kids

Jacket size – Don’t care what size they put on me. It could just hang off me or just fit on me. I don’t care as long as I am wearing one.

JASON KOKRAK – Canadian and triple PGA Tour winner:

Augusta National –  Historic venue

Driving down Magnolia Lane – Gives you the chills driving down it the first time

How long is Magnolia Lane – Ummm. Good question. I’d say about 375-yards.

Shopping for souvenirs  –  I bought the last two Scotty Cameron special edition putters. I like to get myself a half-zip Cashmere sweater, maybe a putter cover and a few little trinkets, nothing too crazy.

Hardest hole – Ooh that’s a hard one. The one’s that go left-to-right (smiling). 

Jacket size – I would say a 46, extra-long.

XANDER SCHAUFFELE – 2021 Olympic Games Gold Medal winner:

Augusta National – Green, Azaleas, fun. I just enjoy playing that property.

Driving down Magnolia Lane – It’s always special though Magnolia Lane is one of those things that combine to make Augusta special and once you’re on the property, you then drive past the champion’s parking lot and that’s where you want to be parking always. It’s just so cool.

How long is Magnolia Lane – I don’t know. Maybe 120, 150-yards

Shopping for souvenirs  – Gifts for other people. I don’t really buy much for myself.

Jacket size- I don’t even know. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s green and it fits!

KEVIN NA – Five PGA Tour wins & 11 Masters appearances:

Augusta National – Green jacket

Driving down Magnolia Lane – Every year I drive down Magnolia Lane is special. It doesn’t matter how many times you play The Masters. This year will be my 11th appearance and I am looking forward to it already

How long is Magnolia Lane – I would say it’s as long as a long par-3 and a short par-4. So, I would say under 500-yards and maybe low 400s.

Shopping for souvenirs – I buy gifts for close friends and my sponsors, and anybody who is on my good list. I always also buy one of the Scotty Cameron Augusta edition putters. I also buy shirts and caps, and I would spend hundreds of dollars on gifts.

Jacket size – I believe I am a 38

PAUL CASEY – Twenty-one pro career wins:

Augusta National – Amen Corner and green jacket

Driving down Magnolia Lane – Gives you chills. It’s hairs on the back of your neck stuff. It’s like walking onto the first tee at St. Andrews. I just love both of them.

How long is Magnolia Lane -300 yards.

What do you buy if you visit the merchandise shop?  I tend not to visit the shop. If I do, it is to buy a flag, sign it, and hand it to a charity. I don’t wear hats. I don’t wear Masters shirts.

Jacket size?  – 40 short (laughing)

MARK LEISHMAN – Thirteen pro career wins & joint runner-up 2015 Open Championship:

Augusta National – Fast greens

Driving down Magnolia Lane – Hairs standing on end

How long is Magnolia Lane – It’s probably about 250 meters (273 yards)

What do you buy if you visit the merchandise shop –  A stubby (beer bottle) holder. I’ve only been there once.

Jacket size? – 44 long.

CAM SMITH – The only player in Masters history to shoot four rounds in the 60s in finishing T-2nd in 2020:

Augusta National – Close to perfection. It’s just nice being there each year. The atmosphere is unreal.

Driving down Magnolia Lane – The first time was pretty breathtaking. It’s a drive you never grow tired of.

How long is Magnolia Lane – No idea. I would guess 500 meters (546 yards)

What do you buy if you visit the merchandise shop –  I generally ask my family what they’d like. I’ll buy a couple of beer mugs and something like that but that’s about all.

Jacket size? (Laughing) I have got no idea. I will wear anything they give me.

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