Norman insists the SGL will not go away with more details imminent

John Craven

Phil Mickelson and Greg Norman, CEO of Liv Golf Investments in Saudi (Photo by Luke Walker/WME IMG/WME IMG via Getty Images)

In a letter first reported by Read, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman says the Saudi-backed Super Golf League has not gone away, with a number of details set to be made public on Wednesday regarding the rival league venture.

It’s been a disheartening few weeks for Norman who looked to have swayed a number of established stars to the SGL before Phil Mickelson’s mouth got in the way. Mickelson, who had been one of the most outspoken in his support of the league, was caught on record lifting the lid on so much that had remained unspoken; players citing NDAs and avoiding media scrutiny when questioned about the motives behind the SGL reared their ugly head.

Mickelson accepted the SGL was a sports-washing mission of the Saudis, going so far as to say he wasn’t sure if he even wanted it to succeed, rather it was his intention to use the league as leverage to improve things for players on the PGA Tour.


But with Mickelson’s comments out there for all the world to see, a domino-effect ensued with the game’s best players suddenly committing to the PGA Tour. Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson, two figures heavily linked with the SGL, announced their loyalty to the tour and with the likes of Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm and Rory McIlroy all dismissing any notion of them joining the breakaway league, it looked to be the end of the road for Norman.

Indeed, McIlroy believed the SGL was “dead in the water” given the numerous blows to its credibility but Norman remains defiant, insisting that the league is very much alive with more details imminent.

“We consider ourselves a start-up,” Norman wrote. “We may start with a modest number of players, but we won’t stay that way for long. I fully understand some players may choose not to play with us right away. But after we get going, I believe many of those who aren’t with us now will be with us later. I want to thank you for your patience, but know, it will be worth your while.

“While we respect that some of you may have concerns, know that we will work tirelessly with you to alleviate them. Our goal always will be to let you focus on your playing performance, while benefitting from new opportunities, whenever you are ready for them.”

“LIV Golf has been consistent in its desire to complement the annual tour schedules and wider global golf ecosystem,” Norman added. “From the beginning, we designed this so players have the choice to play on any tour, and in LIV Golf events, and actively encourage you to do so. We will not ask you to choose one or the other. This is in addition to, not in place of, your current Tour schedule.

“I look forward to following up with you in the days ahead.  For now, all I ask is that you keep an open mind. It’s 100 percent in your interest to do so.”

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