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John Shortt

Rainbows point the way to hole 12 at Waterville. Photo by Kevin Markham

John Shortt

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We’ve had some time now to digest the details of yesterday’s announcements and let’s not sugar-coat it, it wasn’t what we wanted to hear as a nation, or as golfers.

That said, the communication of the messaging was a little better and we did get a chink of hope in that selected outdoor sports will be considered for April 5th. What I take from this is that outdoor sports of any description weren’t even on the table this time around, regardless of the 44 proposals that Government received in relation to them. We never had a chance.

So, let’s focus our sights on a 5th of April target as we now know that this is when we can realistically expect to see some positive news. Golf Ireland have been criticised for being quiet up to now but perhaps they knew this all along? Regardless, now is clearly the time for the Governing bodies of Sport Ireland and Golf Ireland to flex some muscle and really put pressure on Government to stick to their word and get sport back open.

If we can get the numbers down, there is absolutely no reason why sports like golf, tennis and fishing etc. can’t return. At present, councils around the Dublin area are closing public amenities and parks due to overcrowding – where are these folks supposed to go… Home? Have a run around the garden?

Golf courses will take significant numbers of people off the streets and out of the parks and put them in a covid-controlled environment where they can play the game they love, improve their mental and physical well-being and also kick-start a flailing section of the economy. So let’s get this done.

As golfers, we need to do our part too. Let’s contact our local TD’s and preach the ‘golf is safe’ message. Pre-booked tee times, 10-12 minute intervals, arrive just before your tee time, arrive ready to play, have your game and then head home. Add to this that there are countless scientific studies showing the health benefits of playing golf. Let’s give them no choice but to open the game, and others like it.

Let’s also contact our golf clubs. Talk to them. If you’re struggling to pay your annual sub, let them know. If you can pay it, then do pay it. They need it. I appreciate that we all need it but if you’re planning on playing this year, then you should be planning on paying, too.

While you do all of this, just think, you could be on the fairways come April 5th which incidentally is the Monday of Masters week….it’s written in the stars!


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10 responses to “Latest announcements give golfers something to aim at”

  1. Joe Hoctor avatar
    Joe Hoctor

    Nothing set in stone with the government. They will use some other excuse come april 5the to keep us in lockdown. Embarrassing that across the water they have 18 million vaccinated and out shower are 2 busy listening to an unelected, ill advised and ott nphet who dont have to worry when they go to the atm if something is gonna come out. Get golf back before april or I fear it will be gone for the year as they will wax lyrical about some other strain from mars! Ask the government how they can let 2500 workers in from Brazil to work for a high profile businessman yet we cant move 5kms away from our homes. The whole thing stinks all the way to the top.

  2. Vincent Carney avatar
    Vincent Carney

    Good point on paying membership , our clubs need funds to plan the season and ensure all courses are ready. Lets plan for April 5th and welcome all golfers back safely. We need the restrictions lifted on travel to ensure golfers can access their courses regardless of distance. Onward and up….

  3. Douglas BROWN avatar
    Douglas BROWN

    Bizarre decision from a government that thinks allowing people arriving into Ireland from the four corners and not being forced to quarantine than 3 people playing golf in the wide open spaces of a course!! Look at the facts you keep spouting.
    Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

  4. John avatar

    Hi could fellow golfers check out this post and maybe we can make something happen
    thank you John

  5. Mangan Stephen avatar
    Mangan Stephen

    Numbers or no numbers, come April 5th there is no reason to keep golf, tennis, fishing etc locked down just as there is no reason to keep them locked down now. Unless there is something that we are not hearing about. I’ve heard a rumor that it is tied in some way with the legislation around evictions vis a vis the 5k rule. Perhaps you could put your investigative hat on and go sniffing… meanwhile, I will be taking your advice and contacting my TDs to put a bit of pressure on

  6. John avatar

    We continue to suffer from the incompetence of our Gov, CMO and NYPHET.
    In mid December when the new strain was up and running in SE England none of the so called experts above used common sense to say if we allowed the England based Irish to return home for Christmas then it was highly likely they would bring the new strain with them. The airport remained open and we are all suffering the pain of this, even more so for the families of the 1,000 who died in the weeks following Christmas.
    Now we have leaving cert students returning to school, 5th years to follow shortly after, with no testing requirement. It is true they are are unlikely to get very ill but no longer true to say they are not significant carriers of the virus. If the reopening of these classes cause another spike then we could remain in lockdown beyond 5th April.
    Has the Gov apologised for putting us in this mess, no they have not, their excuse is they followed the advice of NYPHET, who are only capable of advising based on what they see in the data. I for one will not be voting FF or FG in the next elections as I think this may be the only way to get the message across to them.

  7. Cathal Kelly avatar
    Cathal Kelly

    The norm for a new vacine is minimum 5 yrs. We all will be vacinated twice by Sept , so its now 18months and lets not go Gov bashing. No Gov or nPhet poured drink into people except themselves and they celebrated up and down the country. Lets hold out for another six weeks , comply with all safety messages and then the fairways can open and we can have a blast of a summer.

  8. Richie avatar

    The government made a complete mess of opening up the country over xmas against NYPHET advice and the wishes of 60% of the population of the country. They have now made up their minds that they will do exactly what NYPHET tell them so if anything goes wrong this time they will have NYPHET to blame. The road map is a joke.

  9. Jim avatar

    The government may take the same approach as our neighbours, open up golf again Friday 2nd April.
    Above is been thrown around.

  10. GARY+STEWART avatar

    Hi Guys,
    John I’m not technical enough to do what you say. I wonder is Mehole and his partners living in a bubble, forgive the pun, but if they drive to the suburbs ect, and not Merrion Street, open their eyes and see how crowded parks, canal walks ect are, it should open their eyes. I wont be voting FF anymore, they couldnt lead a bull to the cow. Dr Houlihan, I’m sure, as an educated man, would not condemn golf . I feel we’re paying for the sins of the GAA.

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