EuroPro Tour teeing off with sustainability at the forefront in 2021


The PGA EuroPro Tour has underlined its commitment towards a sustainable golf tour by backing its official tee provider, OCEANTEE’s latest campaign.

#OCEANTEEPledge is a campaign to call on amateur golfers, professional golfers, golf clubs, and institutions to make the pledge to never use plastic tees again. The Tour has long backed initiatives to make golf more sustainable and has provided players with reusable water bottles for several years encouraging players to refill them out on the course from dedicated water stations rather than bringing single-use plastic onto the golf course.

Most recently, the Tour partnered with OCEANTEE ensuring every player is given a pack of bamboo golf tees at events eliminating the need to use plastic ones. The tees are packaged up in recyclable, custom branded matchboxes offering a plastic-free and low-cost solution way underlines the Tour’s commitment to environmental responsibility.


Not only is bamboo better for the environment it has also been shown that bamboo is an ideal material for manufacturing golf tees as it is both strong and flexible, producing a durable tee that is less prone to snapping than traditional hardwood.

Tour CEO Dan Godding underlined the Tour’s commitment: “Although we are only a drop in the ocean, we must do everything we can to stop the pollution around the World of plastic products. OCEANTEE is working with a number of charities to do just that and are focused on tackling the plastic pollution problem we see Worldwide today.”

“Not only are they creating initiatives to save our marine life and coral of what has become a plastic invasion, but they give 25% of their profits to the causes. The PGA EuroPro Tour is one of the World’s most recognised and largest golf tour brands. We have a fabulous opportunity to use our profile to help spread the global message to over half a billion homes globally. Let’s work together and do everything we can to help save our oceans from pollution.”

The PGA EuroPro Tour creates one of golf’s most enjoyable and fun TV Programmes. Hosted by Sky Sports Presenter and Ex USA PGA Tour Professional John E Morgan and renowned golf Journalist Kit Alexander. The 2-hour highlights show off the best of Europe’s leading development tour. An official satellite to the European Tour, The PGA EuroPro Tour offers direct access to the higher stages of the game. PGA EuroPro Tour players will compete for over €1 million of prize money in 2021, with the top five golfers at the end of the season awarded a category on the 2022 Challenge Tour.


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