Lowry recalls his trip to the principal’s office for famous swearing incident


Shane Lowry. Picture by Getty Images

Shane Lowry was in flying form on the Paddy Power ‘From The Horse’s Mouth’ podcast, talking all things golf following his top-25 finish at last week’s Masters.

The company ambassador, who lines out this week at the RSM Classic alongside Graeme McDowell at Sea Island, is known on these shores for wearing his heart on his sleeve but such passion can sometimes spill over into the wrong circles, like on the television broadcasts of the PGA Tour.

The 33-year old was happy to talk about one such colourful incident that was caught on camera during the 2016 Honda Classic, a clip that has since become a viral sensation amongst empathetic golfers heartened to see that this game can get the better of even its greatest players.


“I was playing with Smylie Kaufman that day and NBC had just come live on air – we were the first two shots they had shown,” Lowry explains of the incident at Palm Beach that was to have consequences amongst the suits in the head office on Tour.

“Smylie had hit a 7-iron into the water then snapped the club over his knee. I then hit my shot in the water and obviously let out a few comments, but we were both lying about 30th in the tournament! I know it’s something you shouldn’t be doing but why are they showing us on TV? Show the leaders! Show someone that is actually doing well. I remember the following week we were playing the World Golf Championship at Doral and I had to go and sit down with the big bosses and they showed me the clip.

“They’re like ‘what do you think of this?’ – It was honestly like I’d been brought into the principal’s office. I was like ‘yeah, it obviously wasn’t ideal but that’s kind of who I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve.’ I said ‘I can’t promise you anything – I will try to do better but I can’t promise anything.’

“I got a little fine and a bit of a slap on the wrist but because they get so many complaints about it – keyboard warriors love sitting at home complaining about stuff like that – they had to do something. But they don’t realise that you’re out there trying your hardest. You’re a sportsperson and you’re going to be p*ssed off. I’m never going to be delighted for hitting it in the water!”

For anyone not familiar with the incident in question, here’s the link – for adult ears only – you’ve been warned!

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2 responses to “Lowry recalls his trip to the principal’s office for famous swearing incident”

  1. John Mac avatar
    John Mac

    I do not see why the players should wear mikes, I am not remotely interested in what they are saying, just the shots they hit.
    As for those clowns who keep chasing after them to interview then in the middle of a round I am amazed they do not use bad language to them….what about their “Focus”??

  2. John Barry avatar
    John Barry

    Agree with John Mac, I am not interested in mid-fairway player interviews. Nor am I impressed with harassing distraught players after bad rounds, and then expecting them to reply as if they were alright – that in my books is very nasty and I would dearly love to hear one of them asking the interviewer”to take a running jump”.

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