Bryson’s experiments only beginning after US Open win

Bernie McGuire

Bryson DeChambeau (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

New U.S. Open champion, Bryson DeChambeau wasted little time in revealing he will this week test a 48-inch driver and also hopes to be driving the ball unheard distances of 360 and 370-yards more regularly.

The recently turned 27-year old is celebrating becoming golf’s newest major winner in muscling his way to an impressive six-shot success at Winged Foot.

DeChambeau became the second maiden major winner of the season, following Collin Morikawa’s PGA Championship success last month.


And, as we know, DeChambeau has been doing more off the course to raise concerns among those who administer the ancient club-and-ball game.

He has generated plenty of debate within the game in 2020 with his physical evolution and its knock-on impact on his game style, but there’s no denying his performance this past week will certainly have caused his counterparts to all take notice of his credentials on the biggest stages and on the toughest layouts.

SKY’s Paul McGinley got it right in saying: “Bryson has rewritten the ‘How to win a US Open’ handbook.

And DeChambeau revealed what is next in store from the golfer we affectionately term: ‘The Mad Scientist”.

“I’m not going to stop. Next week I’m going to be trying a 48-inch driver. We’re going to be messing with some head designs and do some amazing things with Cobra to make it feasible to hit these drives maybe 360, 370, maybe even farther,” he said early in his formal U.S. Open winning press conference.

That answer led to him also being asked if he felt like he was potentially changing the game, or at least changing the way that people think about playing in the game?

“I’m definitely changing the way people think about the game” he said.

“Now, whether you can do it, that’s a whole different situation. There’s a lot of people that are going to be hitting it far. Matthew was hitting it plenty far today. A couple of putts just didn’t go in for him today and kept the momentum on my side. So he’s definitely got the firepower and the strength to do it. You’ve got to be looking out for him in the future.

“There’s a lot of young guns that are unbelievable players, and I think the next generation that’s coming up into golf hopefully will see this and go, hey, I can do that too.”

And while there’s a new physical side he’s brought to pro golf, there’s of course also the scientific angle, hence his nick-name.

“It’s a lot of validation through science, just making sure that the numbers are what they are and the result is accurate,” he said.

“So if I had — just an example. If I hit a 40-footer and it says 10.1 miles per hour on the device, I know that I’ve executed it correctly; and if I see the ball go two feet past that 40 foot mark, I know it’s perfect. I know I’ve done everything I can in my brain to make my perception reality.

‘So it’s all about trying to make my perception of what I feel, what I think, what I — you know, whatever it is, turn into proper reality. It definitely is validating that I’m able to execute time and time again and have it be good enough to win an Open.

“I don’t know if that answered your question.”

Oh yes, it’s answered the question given Bryson DeChambeau is now a major champion.


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