PGA Tour player Werenski centre of social media storm

Bernie McGuire

A detail of Richy Werenski's 'Blue Lives Matter' wristband on the 18th green during the final round of the 3M Open (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Bernie McGuire

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To say American golfer Richy Werenski is under fire, is an understatement.

Werenski, who led into the final round of the 3M Open and eventually finished third, is under fire for wearing a ‘Blue Lives Matters’ wristband.

And what has caused more of a stir is that Werenski chose to wear the controversial blue wrist band in the city where George Floyd died in a Minneapolis street after a local police officer unduly knelt on Floyd’s neck resulting in his death.

Riots, looting and unrest continues across the U.S. and the world since Floyd’s death on May 25th.

The ‘Blue Lives Matter’ wristband is a slogan and movement dating back to 2014 that supports law enforcement officers.

It campaigns for people who have been prosecuted and convicted of killing law enforcement officers to be sentenced under hate crime statutes.

Werenski is understood to have family members working in law enforcement and has been wearing the wristband for a number of years now.

He received criticism and praise on social media during the final round, with a tweet from Golf Digest’s Joel Beall prompting a huge response:

‘The fact that Richy Werenski wore a blue lives matter wristband the day he plays with Tony Finau shows exactly what is wrong with America

‘BLM is not suggesting that all lives don’t matter. It is promoting the fact that people of colour are given less opportunities.’ 

Werenski was praised by some in wearing the wristband but most called-out the 28-year old as you can read hereunder:

‘Richy Werenski has been wearing a Blue Lives Matter wristband all week at the 3M Open.  I’m rooting for him to win.  I’m sick and tired of this nonsense about Police.  I’m always thankful & grateful for our incredible LEO … @LugueMeatSauce’

‘I rarely wish bad golf on anyone but I really hope this guy shoots 112 @MikeyPhresh24

‘Playing 20 minutes away from where George Floyd was killed by police officers, Richy Werenski has been wearing a Blue Lives Matter band this week at the 3M Open


God Bless Richy Werenski!

@frenfather (Responding to @JoelMBealle)

Richly Werenski — cancelled.


Do you guys think wearing a “Blue Lives Matter” bracelet… in the final group of a PGA Tour event… in the Twin Cities… could be viewed as kind of tone deaf or no?

@DPPie (Responding to @BPhillips_SB)

“How tone deaf is Richy Werensk for wearing a Blue Lives Matter wristband in Minnesota?!”

All of a sudden I’m a big Richy Werenski fan. Didn’t expect that when I woke up this morning but .. Andrew Whittaker @Awhit_TheTall

“Cancel Werenski. Never wanted someone to lose so much in my life.”

“Well done Richy Werenski for showing his support to the boys in blue.”

“We’re all fans of good cops, but there’s no such thing as a Blue Life. It’s just a blue shirt; and one that’s taken off daily – unlike Black- and Brown skin.”

“Yes Richy Werenski! Blue lives DO matter!”

“The police deserve our support, so just because Werenski is in Minnesota, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be wearing his wristband!”

“The 3M Open is played 20 minutes away from where George Floyd was killed and this moron thinks he can wear that wristband.”

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2 responses to “PGA Tour player Werenski centre of social media storm”

  1. Anobserver avatar

    All lives matter. We’re all in the same boat. Black, white, yellow, dare I say ‘orange’, etc. Is it true that BLM activists actually shot, murdered, a young mother for saying all lives matter? Is it true that BLM activists have been filmed going round damaging property and spraying their graffiti on walls, essentially acting as Agent Provocateur’s, and that these figures, young, fit and healthy males and females, although dressed in black, have been shown to be Caucasians? Is it also true that BLM, similar to Antifa, are directly or indirectly sponsored by the Open Societies of, dare I say it, George Soros? Apologies, but all is not as black and white as it appears…

  2. Christy mcg avatar
    Christy mcg

    This man has been wearing the blue lives matter wristband years before the black lives matter wristband was hijacked by people that used it as an excuse to rob,burn,loot and destroy their own neighbourhoods something we have never seen with the police supporters,the black lm brigade are an insult to the memory of George floyd and an insult to every right thinking American and the people that wish werenski loose a golf tournament are not true sports fans just bigots,the raising of closed fists by black sportsperson are missing the point of blm as this was used a symbol of black power back in the 70s,blm us not about black power it’s about justice for all and that includes werenskis right to wear his wristband,

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