Boys Interpros enjoy first day at Slieve Russell

Bernie McGuire

The boys interprovincials got underway at the Slieve Russell yesterday as the warm and dry conditions continued to make for a wonderful days golf and the Leinster ad Munster teams enjoying the majority of the spoils.  They get underway again at 7:45am this morning and best of luck to all concerned.

GUI Underage Interprovincial Championships
Slieve Russell / Tuesday 24 July – Scores

Under 18 Interprovincial Championship
Leinster 7 Ulster 3
Eoin Murphy & Max Kennedy beat Aaron Marshall & Tom McKibbin 3&2; Sean Doyle & Paul Conroy halved with Odhran Maguire & Joshua Robinson; Charlie Denvir & Alex Maguire beat Kyle Patton & Scott Jones 3&2; Adam Smith lost to Aaron Marshall 4&2; Eoin Murphy lost to Tom McKibbin 5&4; Max Kennedy halved with Odhran Maguire; Alex Maguire beat Joshua Robinson 3&2; Paul Conroy beat Thomas Plunkett 2 holes; Sean Doyle beat Kyle Patton 2 holes; Charlie Denvir beat Scott Jones 5&4


Connacht 4.5 Munster 5.5 (Connacht names first)
Luke O’Neill & Liam Nolan beat Scott O’Brien & Jonathan Keane 2&1; Allan Hill & David Kitt beat Jake O’Riordan & Daniel Raher 1 hole; Sean Carroll & Simon Walker beat Ian Halpin & Aaron Cashin 1 hole; Luke O’Neill beat Edward Walsh 4&3; Liam Nolan lost to Jonathan Keane 3&1; Allan Hill lost to Scott O’Brien 5&4; David Kitt halved with Daniel Raher; Darren Leufer lost to Jake O’Riordan 4&3; Sean Carroll lost to Aaron Cashin 2&1; Simon Walker lost to Ian Halpin 1 hole

Under 14 Interprovincial Championship
Leinster 4 Munster 1 (Leinster names first)
Aiden O’Carroll & Thomas Lanigan beat Morgan O’Sullivan & Ronan Herbert 6&5; Matthew Giles halved with Alex King; Gavin O’Neill beat Eoghan Cassidy 3&2; Joseph Laverty halved with Zak Collins; Daniel Mulligan beat Lestyn Winn 2&1

Connacht 2.5 Ulster 2.5 (Connacht names first)
Sean McLoughlin & Aodhagan Brady beat Lewis Fox & Adam Buchanan 1 hole; Adam Challoner beat Charlie Parke 6&5; Luke Cunningham lost to Fionn Dobbin 3&2; Rory Donnellan lost to Corey Scullion 5&4; Charlie Kelly halved with Max Carson

Leinster 3 Connacht 2 (Leinster names first)
Daniel Mulligan & Joseph Laverty beat Luke Cunningham & Rory Donnellan 1 hole; Aiden O’Carroll lost to Adam Challoner 4&3; Thomas Lanigan beat Aodhagan Brady 1 hole; Gavin O’Neill beat Sean McLoughlin 3&2; Matthew Giles lost to Charlie Kelly 4&3

Ulster 1 Munster 4 (Ulster names first)
Fionn Dobbin & Corey Scullion lost to Eoghan Cassidy & Lestyn Winn 5&4; Lewis Fox lost to Morgan O’Sullivan 4&3; Charlie Parke lost to Alex King 3&2; Max Carson lost to Ronan Herbert 3&2; Adam Buchanan beat Zak Collins W/O

Wednesday 25 July – Draw

Under 18 Interprovincial Championship
Leinster v Connacht (Leinster names first)
Matches at 8-minute intervals
0745 Eoin Murphy & Max Kennedy v Luke O’Neill & Liam Nolan; Sean Doyle & Paul Conroy v Simon Walker & Darren Leufer; Charlie Denvir & Alex Maguire v Allan Hill & David Kitt; Eoin Murphy v Luke O’Neill; Alex Maguire v Sean Carroll; Max Kennedy v Liam Nolan; Paul Conroy v Darren Leufer; Adam Smith v Allan Hill; Sean Doyle v Simon Walker; Charlie Denvir v David Kitt

Munster v Ulster (Munster names first)
0809 Jake O’Riordan & Daniel Raher v Aaron Marshall & Tom McKibbin; Jonathan Keane & Scott O’Brien v Odhran Maguire & Joshua Robinson; Edward Walsh & Aaron Cashin v Thomas Plunkett & Kyle Patton; Scott O’Brien v Aaron Marshall; Ian Halpin v Tom McKibbin; Jake O’Riordan v Odhran Maguire; Jonathan Keane v Joshua Robinson; Edward Walsh v Scott Jones; Aaron Cashin v Kyle Patton; Daniel Raher v Thomas Plunkett

Under 16 Interprovincial Championship
Ulster v Munster (Ulster names first)
Matches at 8-minute intervals
0841 Josh Black & Ewan McArthur v Rory Milne & Patrick Naughton; Joshua Hill v Fionn Hickey; Aaron Blair v Mel Deasy; Edward Rowe v Rory Fives; Conor Byrne v James O’Callaghan

Connacht v Leinster (Connacht names first)
0921 Daniel Ford & Paul Costello v Joshua McCabe & David Marshall; Thomas Higgins v Dylan Keating; Sam Murphy v Jamie Butler; Niall McDermott v Robert Galligan; Gavan Keogh v Evan Shipp

Under 14 Interprovincial Championship
Munster v Connacht (Munster names first)
Matches at 8-minute intervals
1000 Alex King & Zak Collins v Charlie Kelly & Adam Challoner; Eoghan Cassidy v Rory Donnellan; Morgan O’Sullivan v Sean McLoughlin; Ronan Herbert v Aodhagan Brady; Lestyn Winn v Luke Cunningham

Leinster v Ulster (Leinster names first)
Matches at 8-minute intervals
1040 Gavin O’Neill & Matthew Giles v Max Carson & Charlie Parke; Joseph Laverty v Lewis Fox; Thomas Lanigan v Corey Scullion; Aiden O’Carroll v Fionn Dobbin; Daniel Mulligan v Adam Buchanan

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