Spieth was much better in the company of team-mates as evident in having won two earlier team games when playing alongside Justin Thomas.

Spieth called ‘JT’ and good friend a “backbone” of the U.S. team and said the two-time PGA Championship winner relishes playing in front of raucous crowds, especially those across the Atlantic, and this despite Thomas’ wretched 2023 season.

“It creates maybe just a little extra level of focus for him,” Spieth said. “I’ve been beside him for these Ryder Cups, and he quite simply plays better golf than the guys across from him”.

Thomas responded to his selection saying: “After I was picked from the team, it doesn’t matter what it is, especially when it comes to people and stuff online, everybody’s got an opinion and theirs is right and everybody else’s is wrong, at least that’s what generally seems to be.

“So for that exact reason, I stayed away from social media and stayed away from stuff online because I knew nothing good was going to come from it.”