Lough Erne to reopen under a new General Manager

Bernie McGuire

Lough Erne new GM Joanne Walsh

The renowned Lough Erne Resort will officially reopen on July 20th under the guidance of a new General Manager.

Joanne Walsh was a founding member of the 5-star resort’s management team and has been appointed to now head the team at the famed County Fermanagh resort destination.

And under the guidelines of the Northern Ireland Government, Joanne is naturally looking forward to the now much-anticipated reopening.

“I was a founding member of the resort’s management team during its formation and over the past four years have been proud to have played a key role in the success and development of the resort,” she said.

“This reopening date will be subject to official guidance from The NI Executive and clarification on the level of services that will be permitted.

“A new guest care and well-being ‘Promise’ has been created to give you confidence around social distancing and resort hygiene which will be implemented by our new ‘Guest Care and Well-Being Team’.

“We will continue to keep you updated going forward on the resort reopening and proposed timelines for the reintroduction of our various services.

“Whether you are planning to visit the resort for your Summer holiday or a leisure break sometime in the future, myself and team members are ready to welcome you with the warm Fermanagh hospitality you’ve come to expect.”

I have had the great pleasure of visiting Lough Erne on two occasions and enjoyed each and every minute.

The first visit was the first weekend in May 2010 when we delighted in tackling the Nick Faldo designed championship course. It was Sunday 2nd May and afterwards I clearly remember the excitement of watching TV coverage from North Carolina of Rory McIlroy, then attached to Lough Erne, go out a shoot a course record 62 to win a first PGA Tour event with his four-shot victory over Phil Mickelson at the now-named Wells Fargo Championship.

In the superb surrounds of the Lough Erne Resort that night was Rory’s father, Gerry, who I had met for a first occasion in early 2009 when McIlroy captured a first European Tour tite at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic.

Gerry’s joy and clear pride that night in 2010 is something that I will long remember.

Our second visit to Lough Erne was this time 12 months ago and it was good friend John McLaughlin at North & West Coast Links who very kindly arranged a superb visit where we played both the Faldo course and for a first time, the Castle Hume course, also a championship course that has proudly hosted 10 Ulster PGA Championships.

A decade on from our inaugural Lough Erne visit, it was great to see how much the Faldo course had matured, given that on our first visit, the course had only just turned one year old.

Also, it was great on this second visit to really appreciate more of what the resort offers including sitting down in the superb atmosphere of a wonderful meal in the Loughside Bar & Grill just as the sun was setting over the Lough. And if there is one item on the menu I would single out as truly mouth-watering, it’s the 8oz Rib-Eye of Lisdergan Irish Beef!

In conclusion, wishing Joanne and everyone at Lough Erne the brightest of re-openings.


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