Fight for your Right*

Kevin Markham

Mel Reid (Photo by Wojciech Migda)

I can’t say I had any interest in the TaylorMade Driving Relief match that took place at Seminole, last weekend. Sure, it was great to see live golf again… although few people on this side of the water seemed overly impressed with the course or the anticipated banter… that never happened. And the bizarre President Trump interview was a major turn-off even if it did prove that the Mute button is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Still, watching Rory hit a ball is always enjoyable.

It has started a new thrust at live Professional golf in the Covid age, with Woods and Mickelson pairing up with two NFL legends for another face-off match this Sunday. It is also for charity.


The trouble is, as excited as some have got over the McIlroy/Johnson/Fowler/Wolff skins match, an issue raised its head very quickly. Most potently, it was raised by Mel Reid, the English professional golfer who plays on the Ladies European Tour, and is a six-time winner.

She took to Twitter with a message that suggested an opportunity had been missed:

“I know right now is a tough time for most so I can only speak for the world I’m involved in. Yet again, today we show the disparity between men’s and women’s golf. Today’s charity event should showcase ‘golf’ not just men’s golf. What an opportunity golf has let slip, once again, to represent equality. I would love to have witnessed women athletes/golfers be invited to showcase the wonderful game as well as these incredible male golfers.” 

And, as a result, she was vilified. But she was right.

The event raised over €5.5 million for the American Nurses Foundation and CDC Foundation, two of the organisations fronting COVID-19 relief efforts. The broadcast was hugely popular and became the best performing show on Sky Sports since the lockdown began. In the US, NBC recorded 2.35 million viewers across their platforms which is 16% higher than the viewing figures for the Dell Match Play final last year, when Kevin Kisner beat Matt Kuchar.

There’s no question that the golfers involved are among the very best in the world and lots of people tuned in as live golf kicked off after several weeks of back garden lessons (take a bow, Padraig Harrington) but the match was about raising money for charity and entertainment. It wasn’t about shooting low scores or winning. It was about the love and joy of the game… a game that embraces men and women, young and old.

I, for one, would have been a lot more entertained if each pair was mixed. Different banter, different fun and very different entertainment.

Would it have increased or decreased the audience? Or the amount of money raised? Who knows! Perhaps more women and girls would have been enticed to watch (and inspired to take up the game)… perhaps more men would have tuned out.

And that’s the problem. The reaction to Mel Reid’s tweet drew the usual sexist responses about women golfers not being good enough and who wants to watch that! Of course it was hidden behind the transparent excuse of ‘it’s for charity so only the best golfers will do’. As made clear by one Jack Laffey:

“It’s a ****ing charity event And you need to turn it into a gender issue NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH WOMENS GOLF Now f*** off and give it a rest”

She did garner support as well (from both sexes). This from @anya_alvarez:

“By organizing an event that included men and women, they would have drawn a larger audience because there are many golf fans who only watch the @lpga – Instead, a gross oversight was made once again by dorks who undervalue the value of female athletes.”

If there was a time, if there was an opportunity to pitch the men’s and ladies’ games alongside each other, then this was surely it. We keep being told that we’re all in this together. So why not make it together.

So, to all the people who organised and promoted the event, let’s do it again with mixed pairs… and on a golf course that raises the blood pressure above a yawn.

* Fight for your Right was a hit for the Beastie Boys in 1986.


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4 responses to “Fight for your Right*”

  1. Joseph Dreitler avatar
    Joseph Dreitler

    Sorry. Golf is entertainment. It is based upon RATINGS. Ratings equal dollars. Facts. cold hard facts, not political correctness or desires. The sponsors wanted the largest audience they could get. They put 3 of the most popular golfers in the world and people watched. There have been several of these efforts to cram women golfers into events with men. The ratings have not been good. Pretty clear if you look at ratings in the US for PGA vs LPGA, it’s not close. The size of galleries are not close. Just a fact. If people want to watch women play golf, they know where to find it. I have limited time and entertainment dollars. I choose to spend them watching men play golf, not women. U2 gets paid a lot more than your average band. Players in the NBA get better ratings and much more money than women playing basketball. It’s entertainment and so is golf. All driven by ratings which equal dollars and putting women into this event would have produced lower ratings. The network and sponsors know that. For years there was the Wendy’s 3 tour challenge event. It got poor ratings and ended.

  2. Darran Mc Oscar avatar
    Darran Mc Oscar

    I’m sick of everything being turned into a gender and diversity issue go and play your own tournament for what ever you want but I won’t be watching so do one.

  3. Paddy Johnston avatar
    Paddy Johnston

    Good for Mel. I recall many years ago the BBC around Christmas time broad cast a wonderful series of mixed competition which featured Seve and Nancy Lopez. Terrific viewing and great banter between two legends of the game. Would still make good viewing.

  4. Paddy Johnston avatar
    Paddy Johnston

    Well done Mel. Years ago Seve , Greg Norman and Nancy Lopez played mixed matches in a BBC broadcast around Christmas time. Highly competitive and terrific banter from 3 legends. Seve at his best. Could be repeated although hard to find such characters. I would watch mixed competition and am sympathetic to Mel’s view.

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