Boom times for a Belfast Club

The pristine Dunmurry Golf Club in Belfast via

Despite the disappointment of a number of Irish clubs closing down during the Coronavirus lockdown, one of Belfast’s oldest clubs has enjoyed a relatively prosperous time away from the fairways.

With an official return to golf last Monday, the management at Dunmurry Golf Club on the southern outskirts of Belfast, has been spending the ‘course closed’ times processing new membership applications.

“I am absolutely delighted as we have received 30 new applications,” said General Manager Colin Adair to PA.


“The car park is full this morning and there are lots of happy faces about the place.

“When we heard the First and Deputy First Ministers’ (Arlene Foster and Michelle O’Neill) announcement on Monday evening that clubs could reopen, we were nearly ready.

“We have been running around, our benches were out of use, the bins were not in use, all the on-course stuff had to be done.”

Dunmurry was founded in 1905 and boast some 600 members.

Adair indicated the average age of club members is 56 but then like many clubs throughout Ireland, there are many members in their 70s and 80s.

The good aspect at Dunmurry said Adair is that many members had paid their dues in April knowing they would not be playing for two months.

“The golfers are the stakeholders and they have to support the club during these times,” Adair said.


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2 responses to “Boom times for a Belfast Club”

  1. Richard Brattman i avatar
    Richard Brattman i

    What will happen to older players in the winter when buggys are not allowed due to adverse weather conditions. When are the GUI going to advise clubs that playing two weeks in 6 months is not good enough when fees have been extracted.

  2. Christy mcguirk avatar
    Christy mcguirk

    Well said Richard but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on the gui to give any direction that would benefit ordinary members all the gui is interested in is collecting their extortionate fees,with over 1.9million in ad min expenses I wonder who is benefiting from it,

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