Golf’s nature means it ‘can, and should, return quickly’

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According to the chairman of the UK Parliament’s All-Party Group for Golf, the nature of the sport means play should resume imminently provided certain criteria are met.

North Warwickshire MP Craig Tracey has been in regular discussion with industry leaders like The R&A, The PGA, The Belfry and the UK Golf Federation in an attempt to escalate golf’s return.

His meetings will extend this week to the greenkeeping association – BIGGA – and the home golf unions in the hope that very soon, UK golfers at least, will get the green light to return to the fairways after a barren season so far.


“The initial challenges with lockdown meant golf had to close in Britain, but the nature of the game means it can, and should, return quickly provided there are steps taken by all involved to maintain social distancing and to meet any other government instruction,” said Tracey.

“There are so many elements and stakeholders in the golf sector that there is no single body that can or should dictate to others.

“However, all recognise the symbiotic relationship between the different elements and that any failing in one area could cause significant reputational damage.

“I would like to say well done to all the different bodies involved. What they are doing now will make a huge difference and has the potential to make golf all the stronger if this co-operative way of working can be continued.”

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Golf that Tracey chairs is made up of MPs and peers from no particularly party and solely exists to help the sport of golf through the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have been hugely impressed by the response of the different leading golf stakeholders in coming together and working to secure a coherent response to COVID-19,” Tracey added.

“Members of Parliament know how valuable golf is to the UK as it has a huge economic impact, employs large numbers across the UK and has significant positive influence on people’s health.”

It was on Tuesday, March 24th when the siren blasted over fairways across Ireland that play should be abandoned because of COVID-19. Restrictions are expected to be extended with a Government announcement on May 5th. Should golf be spared next Tuesday?



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One response to “Golf’s nature means it ‘can, and should, return quickly’”

  1. john maxwell avatar
    john maxwell

    i think golf should be allowed to resume but outside the clubhouse with social distancing paramount and notices to this effect on prominent display —
    our fourball never had much difficulty on the distancing issue and in the present environment anyone not willing to observe this commonsense approach should be classed as dangers to society and their company avoided

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