UPDATE on GUI & ILGU Championships & Inter-Club Tournaments


Orla Gibbons (Rathfarnham) and Sel O'Leary (East Cork) during the AIG Junior Cup at the AIG Ladies Cups and Shields All Ireland Finals at Knightsbrook Hotel and Golf Club Resort. image by Jenny Matthews (www.cashmanphotography.ie)

Golf is a great sport for people generally to get out and about, exercise and enjoy fresh air. It is played in an outdoor setting where the risk of contracting COVID-19 is low.

Despite this, the GUI and ILGU have taken some measures to reduce risk to competitors and have cancelled or postponed events that are deemed to be unnecessary gatherings during the period of restriction.

The following events are cancelled:


The Irish Girls’ Open Stroke Play at Roganstown, from 3rd – 5th April*

GUI National Coaching for Under 16’s on 21st & 22nd March

GUI National Coaching for Under 18’s on 28th & 29th March

All GUI regional, provincial and Leinster Pathway coaching sessions up to 29th March

*Though this event is outside the period of restriction, as there is a significant international field it has been decided to cancel it.

The following events are postponed: 


All GUI Inter-Club Matches scheduled on or before 29th March

Ulster Regional Series 22nd March at Ballyliffin

Ireland Boys v Wales at Cardigan (Wales), from 20-21 March


The ILGU have extended the deadline for preliminary matches so that they can be played outside of the period of restriction, if required, and this will be communicated to clubs shortly.

Scratch Cup event at Woodbrook on 15th March

All ILGU Girls’ Interprovincial Panel sessions scheduled on or before March 29th


Irish Colleges Match Play on 26th & 27th March at Woodbrook


All Golf4Girls4Life Stage 5 & 6 sessions scheduled on or before March 29th

All Open Legacy Programme Activities on or before 29th March

All Leaders Courses and Safeguarding Workshops organised on or before March 29th.

The Four Nations Developments Matches (Donabate, Dublin 4-6 April) is under review (due to the international element) with all parties involved and if required a further statement will be issued.

All subsequent events remain as scheduled and will be reviewed if public health information is updated.

Please await further information from GUI and ILGU in relation to the rescheduling of any postponed inter-club matches.

GUI, ILGU & CGI Meetings

All World Handicap System meetings, GUI, ILGU and Confederation of Golf in Ireland workshops from 6pm on 12th March until 29th March are postponed. We are confident that there will be time to reschedule these once restrictions have been lifted.

As a general precaution, GUI & ILGU committee meetings, where required will happen by tele-conference or dial-in phone service during the period of restriction.

GUI, ILGU & CGI Offices

GUI Headquarters and provincial branch offices will remain open to fulfil essential functions only and otherwise we are instructing staff members to work from home.

The ILGU offices will remain closed during this period.

The GUI National Golf Academy will remain open as normal to the public, observing the required precautions as advised by the health authorities.

Advice to Volunteers

The Golfing Union of Ireland and Irish Ladies Golf Union ask that all volunteers note, act upon and continually monitor the advice and guidance issued by the Health Service Executive (Republic of Ireland) and Public Health/NHS (Northern Ireland) in relation to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

It is important that we all work together, following the advice of experts, in controlling the spread of COVID-19 infection.


HSE: www.hse.ie

NHS: www.nhs.uk or PHS https://www.publichealth.hscni.net/


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