Golf Ireland brand launched

From left to right, Mark Kennelly, CEO, Golf Ireland, Fiona Scott, Transition Board member, Golf Ireland, Tim O’Connor, Chairman, Golf Ireland Transition Board, and Claire Kerlin, Senior Account Director, The Public House. Credit: Sportsfile

Golf Ireland, the new governing body for golf in Ireland, launched their brand identity today, which reflects the modern and inclusive approach that golf club delegates voted overwhelmingly in favour of last year.

Intertwined putting greens, inspired by shapes from golf courses around the island of Ireland, combined with a fresh colour palette, the new logo represents the unity and inclusive nature of the new entity, which will take over from the Golfing Union of Ireland and Irish Ladies Golf Union in January.

Prior to that, all clubs will become members of Golf Ireland on 9th October 2020 in order to facilitate the first regional appointments.


Tim O’Connor, Chair of the Golf Ireland Transition Board said: ‘As a group, the Transition Board believe we are building on tremendous foundations, based on the great legacy delivered by both Unions over the past 130 years. Over a year into the Transition Period, I can report that there is a strong sense of common purpose and a shared determination that together we can and must make the most of this exciting opportunity for golf on the island of Ireland, and deliver on its potential to the full.

Speaking at the launch, Mark Kennelly (Chief Executive) said: “The establishment of the Golf Ireland brand is just part of our journey in 2020 but an important one in terms of setting out how this new, modern and inclusive governing body will work. Our dedicated team of volunteers on the Transition Board, combined with the staff of the ILGU, GUI and CGI will continue to deliver the timeline to ensure Golf Ireland is fully established by the end of this year”.

Led by a member of the Golf Ireland Transition Board, Fiona Scott, a Branding Sub-Committee which included Pat Finn (CEO, GUI), Sinead Heraty (CEO, ILGU), Pauline Bailie (Transition Board, Golf Ireland), Carla Reynolds (Communications Manager, ILGU) and Alan Kelly (Communications Manager, GUI), selected The Public House to develop the new identity.

Fiona Scott said: “The new brand is fresh, modern and inclusive which will broaden its appeal and attract younger players to the sport. I’d like to thank the team at The Public House as a valued partner in the project.”

Colin Hart, Founder and Creative Director at The Public House said: ‘Golf Ireland is future-proofing golf in Ireland as a leading destination globally. The Public House is proud to have helped them with their identity to give a long term personality to the brand whilst communicating all the values that they stand for.’

On first transferring to Golf Ireland clubs will remain as members of the Golfing Union of Ireland or the Irish Ladies Golf Union until the end of the year when both organisations will cease.

The decision by GUI and ILGU delegates to create Golf Ireland at meetings in 2019, has heralded a brand new and exciting chapter in the sport, and in the year or so since then a huge programme of work has taken place to ensure that the new body is ready to “go live”, as planned, in January 2021.

That work is being carried out under the direction of a Transition Board. The Board comprises four nominees of the GUI and four of the ILGU, with Tim O’Connor as the Independent Chair.

Various Sub Committees of the Transition Board were set up and cover the following areas: Finance and Governance; Branding, Logo and Website; Property and Office Accommodation; Volunteering; Handicapping; Competitions and Tournaments; Models of Club Governance; Organisational Structures; and High Performance.

As work continues, the Transition Board are seeking to ensure the very best communication and consultation with the GUI, ILGU and their members with the ultimate task to deliver the comprehensive Proposal approved by both Unions in January 2019.

Timeline for Golf Ireland

February 2020

Launch of Golf Ireland logo and interim website

March 2020

Volunteer Workshop on Regional Structures & Competitions

April 2020

Guidance to clubs on Club Governance

Finalisation of administrative and competition zones

Comprehensive communication on the role, structure and election process for Regional Executives

May 2020

Advertisement for positions on Board of Golf Ireland

October 2020

Initial Golf Ireland Membership Date for clubs – 9th October 2020

Regional AGMs – election of Regional Executives

November 2020

Launch of new Golf Ireland website

Introduction of World Handicapping System

Nomination of the first Board of Golf Ireland

December 2020

Deadline for motions for the first AGM of Golf Ireland

January 2021

First AGM of Golf Ireland

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