John Ferriter elected President of GUI

John Ferriter GUI President 2020 at the GUI AGM, Carton House Picture

John Ferriter, originally from County Kerry, becomes the 72nd President of the Union and speaking afterwards he said: “I’m looking forward to serving the Union as President, sentimentally as it’s the last year of the Union it will be an important one and I’m looking forward to the year ahead”.

Co. Armagh’s John White was elected to the post of President Elect while Albert Lee (Hon. Secretary) and Rollo McClure (Hon. Treasurer) were also returned to office.

The clubs and delegates in attendance approved unanimously the five motions before the meeting which will assist in a timely and efficient handover to Golf Ireland from January 2021. Tim O’Connor (Chairman) and Mark Kennelly (CEO) from Golf Ireland also briefed the meeting on developments.

The following motions were carried unanimously:

  1. PROPOSED by the BOARD:-

That the following process be adopted to facilitate the winding up of the Golfing Union of Ireland (GUI) and the approval of the Union’s final Financial Statements:

  1. The GUI’s Financial Statements shall be prepared to cover the extended period from 1st November 2019 to 31st December 2020 and shall be reviewed by the Union’s Auditors.
  2. The Board appointed at the 2020 Annual General Meeting shall remain in existence until the

winding up of the GUI has been completed, for the purposes of discharging any duties required to complete the winding up including the adoption of the GUI’s final Financial Statement.

  1. Following adoption by the Board and signing by the GUI’s Auditors, the Financial Statement will be circulated to all Affiliated Clubs.

Rationale: This motion provides for an extended Financial Year for the GUI to cover the period from the end of the normal year end (31st October) until Golf Ireland is fully operational on 1st January 2021. In addition, it outlines the process for handling the final Financial Statement.

  1. PROPOSED by the BOARD:-

That the processes approved by the 2019 Annual Delegates’ Meetings in all four provinces be amended and streamlined as follows:

  1. An extended set of Financial Statements for each Provincial Branch shall be prepared to cover the period from the respective commencements of the Branches’ financial years in 2019 until 31st December 2020 and shall be reviewed by the Branches’ Auditors.
  2. These Financial Statements shall be furnished for final review and adoption by the Board of the GUI, before being circulated to all Affiliated Clubs in the respective Provinces.

Rationale, should Motion 1 pass: The passage of Motion 1 will result in the continuation of the GUI Board post-31st December 2020. This was a circumstance not contemplated at the time of the Branch Annual Delegates’ Meetings, and has the advantage of enabling a mechanism within the GUI for the final approval and circulation of these accounts to its affiliated clubs prior to the dissolution of the GUI Board. 

  1. PROPOSED by the BOARD:-
  2. That the words “until the next Annual or Extraordinary Branch General Meeting” be struck out from Clause 16.6 of the Constitution.
  3. That Rule 18 of the Constitution be deleted.

Rationale: With the passing of motions in the four provincial Annual Delegates’ Meetings now committing each Branch to the actions set out in Motion 1 above, the provisions set out the Constitution requiring the holding of Branch Annual Delegates’ Meetings for the purpose of approving accounts and conducting elections are deemed to be no longer required. 

  1. PROPOSED by the BOARD:-

That all obligations and responsibilities of Affiliated Clubs to the GUI, as set out in the Constitution of the GUI, will cease, effective from a date to be determined by the Board, and which will in any circumstance either coincide with or follow the Initial Membership Date of Golf Ireland.

Rationale: The purpose of this motion is twofold. Firstly, it seeks to ensure that Clubs are not required to fulfil certain obligations and responsibilities (such as payment of annual subscriptions, making facilities available etc.) to two organisations at the same time. Secondly, it seeks to facilitate a smooth transfer of the oversight function relating to the Rules of Golf, Amateur Status & Handicapping, thus avoiding a situation where two organisations are required to investigate and prosecute breaches of these rules. 

  1. PROPOSED by the BOARD:-

That Clause 8.5 of the Union Constitution be amended to read:

“If a vacancy should occur in the number of Trustees by removal, resignation or death, the Board is empowered to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the year on the nomination of the Provincial Council involved at the next Board meeting. The Board is not obligated to fill such a vacancy or vacancies, provided that at least two Trustees are in position to facilitate the winding up of the Union.”

RationaleThe process of replacing a Trustee and can be an onerous one. The addition of the final sentence is to avoid any delay to the winding up of the GUI, that might arise if a vacancy occurs in the number of Trustees, nearing the date of transfer of assets to Golf Ireland. 

Election of Union Officers
President John Ferriter
President-Elect John White
Hon. Treasurer Rollo McClure
Hon. Secretary Albert Lee

Appointment of Board
Chairman Iognáid Ó Muircheartaigh
President John Ferriter
President-Elect John White
Hon. Treasurer Rollo McClure
Hon. Secretary Albert Lee
Connacht Nominee Michael Heaney
Leinster Nominee Joe McNamara
Munster Nominee Jim Long
Ulster Nominee Brian Hutchinson
Independent Member Keith McGarry
Independent Member John Power

Appointment of Auditors
Miscampbell & Co

Appointment of Trustees
Connacht Eugene Fayne
Leinster Walter Skelton
Munster Sean MacMahon
Ulster William G Black

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