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Introducing the Titleist TruFeel golf ball; the softest-feeling Titleist

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When Titleist when about its extensive research in order to target exactly what the average golfer wants from a golf ball, three points stood out above all others:

  • l’m comfortable spending approx €25 per dozen for the golf balls but they must be a brand I can rely on
  • Soft feel is my number one priority
  • My game is inconsistent but I want a ball I can trust to perform the same way every shot

From these findings, the new Titleist TruFeel golf ball was born, engineered to deliver longer distance and excellent control for golfers who rely on the consistent performance and quality of the softest-feeling Titleist.

Available in Titleist Authorised retailers from October 1st, Titleist TruFeel has been reimagined with a new TruTouch core and new TruFit aerodynamics for more distance with the driver and in the long game, while a proprietary TruFlex cover provides ultra-soft feel and excellent control on shots into and around the green.

For golfers who prefer a very soft compression feel, Titleist TruFeel improves upon the prior generation DT TruSoft as the best performing golf ball in its class, offering a superior combination of soft feel, longer distance and short game control.

“We know from our extensive player testing that golfers who gravitate toward the softest-feeling golf balls are also clearly focused on performance,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing.

“In this category, we continue to see competitive products that sacrifice distance or short-game spin in order to gain a softer feel. TruFeel strikes the perfect balance of extremely soft feel and all-round performance.

“Our engineers have advanced TruFeel’s low compression technology to add speed and distance in the long game while preserving the feel that golfers tell us they love – and the playability on every shot that makes this ball a Titleist.”

The message from Titleist is very much that this is an all-round product proven to increase distance whilst not sacrificing any control around the greens. Even more invitingly, at €28 per dozen, you won’t second-guess putting one in play when faced with a daunting water hazard, and given its overall performance attributes, that can only improve your game.

“I think the key message is yes, this is a long soft-feeling golf ball but we feel it’s the most complete golf ball within that price point,” said Jan Diprose, Titleist Golf Ball Manager.

“We look at things like distance, control and soft feel, the three pillars that we would look at for that area and we believe the TruFeel ball has greatly improved upon TruSoft, which we felt was the best performing golf ball in the category then.

“Now we feel TruFeel in terms of distance control and feel is the best performing ball now, but then add into the mix the quality and consistency we can deliver and it gives us the best golf ball in this particular segment.”

TruFeel is available in white and optic yellow, with a new matte red colour option to be added in January 2020. Handily, the new TruFeel side stamp has been designed to double as an alignment aid so fear no more if your marker has run out of ink on the first tee, TruFeel’s got you covered in that department too.


TruFeel performance & technology

Titleist TruFeel delivers best-in-class performance through the most advanced low compression design and manufacturing technologies: Every TruFeel golf ball is made at Titleist Ball Plant 2 in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, to ensure the most consistent performance, quality and feel – from ball to ball and dozen to dozen.

New side stamp alignment

Marker trouble no more! The TruFeel side stamp features a new alignment aid, providing golfers the option for easy alignment without having to mark a line on the ball. The design was inspired by the most popular alignment aid available through the My Titleist customiser on Titleist.ie since alignment options debuted in February 2018.


Colour options and availability

TruFeel golf balls are available in Authorised Titleist Retailers from October 1st in both white and optic yellow, with a new matte red colour option coming in January 2020. SRP €28.00

The 2019 Titleist Family

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