IKEA follows Clubs to Hire into lease market

Bernie McGuire

 Clubs to Hire sets being dropped at new leasing partner, the 5-Star Kempinski Hotel in Costa del Sol

You may have heard Swedish retail giant, IKEA announce this week their intention to enter the lease market on their very popular furniture offering?

It’s not very often we get to use IKEA in a headline and we’re not ones to speculate here at IGM Towers, but perhaps the business developers at IKEA have been eating less meatballs and instead hitting more golf balls when brainstorming their new rental venture?


We say this because Dublin-based Clubs to Hire (CTH) launched its innovative lease product back in September 2018 and has already enjoyed a strong pick up on the product.

Clubs to Hire actively partners with golf providers, hotels and entrepreneurs who wish to offer clients a money and time-saving alternative when travelling for golf.

Effectively, the partners become CTH agents for an exclusive territory and rent clubs – leased to them by CTH – to their customers on a daily or weekly basis. And the market-leading club-rental agency is currently looking for new partners in regions were golfers come to stay.

It is a business model currently being utilised by a number of continental resorts and CTH is keen to expand the programme further, with Ireland a specific target, after it enjoyed strong early results. One of the resorts which has benefited hugely from its additional revenue stream is Robinson Club Agadir, in Morocco, which has increased its golf-driven business substantially in the last few months after leasing 20 sets of TaylorMade clubs, which have been rented out every day since.

Robinson Club Agadir’s Mirco Timm explained: “Bookings of the clubs have exceeded expectations and we are seeing a lot of activity. Our golf business is up 20 per cent year on year already. Previously golfers tended to bring their own clubs which was often – quite literally – a drag. But now we can offer top-quality sets from the hotel, we’ve been inundated with requests.”

The resort has benefited from extensive exposure provided by Clubs to Hire’s marketing engine and its 55,000+ consumer database, while it keeps 100 per cent of the revenue from all orders it has generated locally.

The uptake on the new partner programme has also delighted Clubs to Hire, whose co-founder, Tony Judge, explained: “The product is perfect for hotels, golf courses, car rental agencies, or incoming golf tour operators to offer their clients a real solution to their golf travel needs.

“We have had a mix of clients signing up, from five-star golf resorts to tour operators – and it’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs or simply for those who are semi-retired to earn some money in golf. The concept couldn’t be simpler. We lease brand new sets of golf clubs to our client on a monthly basis and they then rent them on to their customers on a daily or weekly basis. Two hires a month would cover the monthly lease costs – everything else is profit.”

Companies or like-minded individuals interested in the new product should contact Clubs to Hire by visiting the website – www.clubstohire.com  – or by contacting Tony at tony@clubstohire.com

Clubs to Hire handles more than 300,000 annual visits to its website and more than 80,000 bookings for rental clubs at 29 locations worldwide, including popular golfing regions in the USA, Thailand, Australia, South Africa and five countries across the Mediterranean, offering the latest clubs on the market, from leading brands such as TaylorMade, Callaway and Mizuno – for men and women, left- or right-handed.

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