TaylorMade dial it in even further with new iron additions

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TaylorMade Golf has unveiled the all-new P7MB, P7MC and P770 irons. With the latest additions to the acclaimed P Series, TaylorMade now offers a full line-up of meticulously crafted players irons that align craftsmanship, performance and aesthetics.

P770 – Let the Sibling Rivalry Begin

Only carrying the name of the previous generation, the newly released P770 iron represents a new level of aesthetics and performance within the TaylorMade line-up. Constructed from a forged hollow body with SpeedFoam injection and advanced tungsten weighting, this latest model is more akin to its powerhouse sibling the P790.


Extensive data tells us that P790 is played by golfers within a broad handicap range – stretching from +4 all the way to 25. While many better players covet the distance and forgiveness of P790, additional feedback revealed the desire for a more compact head shape while also achieving higher launch with long irons and additional spin. This revelation sparked the development of P770.

This generational iron was forged from the same DNA as P790, relying on advanced materials and innovative technologies to push the boundaries of distance, feel and performance. Delivering it all in a compact players iron shape.

“Designed to deliver P790-like performance in a smaller package, the all-new P770 leverages forged hollow body construction to pack as much distance and forgiveness as possible into a compact player’s shape,” says Matt Bovee, Product Creation | Irons Category.

Player-Inspired Shaping & Premium Aesthetics

In comparison to its sibling, the P770 has a thinner top line, narrower sole and shorter blade length. The smaller construction helps inspire confidence at address, while also promoting enhanced workability and control. A high-buff polish and Tour satin finish deliver a unified look across this segment of the P Series.

This intentional design aesthetic allows the company to better address the growing demand for combo sets. In recent years, golfers both on Tour and at the amateur level have elected to build combo sets to optimise performance from top to bottom.

With the clean aesthetics of P770, golfers can easily match them with P7MC or P790 to create a combo set that looks cohesive in the bag.

P770 Packs a Punch

Given the compact head shape, P770 punches above its weight class. Company testing shows that it’s within a few yards of the larger P790. Pound for pound, the performance is equally as impressive.

P770 relies on a series of proven technologies to generate explosive power and distance. Firstly, the forged hollow body is constructed of 8620 soft carbon steel with a thin 4140 steel face to promote fast ball speeds. Also, within the face is Progressive Inverted Cone Technology, which is now uniquely positioned in each P770 iron to both increase the sweet spot and minimise the effects of common mis-hits. ICT is positioned in the centre of the face on mid irons and more towards the toe on long irons to deliver performance exactly where golfers need it the most.

SpeedFoam debuted in the original P790 irons and continues to play a pivotal role in the performance of P770. The ultra-light urethane foam injected inside the head is engineered to push the design limits of face speed while simultaneously improving feel.

The company’s patented Thru-Slot Speed Pocket (3-7 iron) is engineered for increased ball speed and distance while protecting performance on shots hit low on the face. These collaborative technologies allow for enhanced flexibility, more ball speed and greater forgiveness on off-centre shots.

However, because P770 is a smaller head shape it naturally offers less forgiveness than P790. To offset this, engineers boosted MOI by strategically positioning tungsten weights within each head. Present in the 3-7 irons and weighing up to 46 grams, the tungsten inserts are positioned towards the toe for precise CG placement and increased forgiveness.

P770 – Specifications, Pricing & Availability

Available for pre-order on August 14 and at retail beginning September 4, P770 irons (1,399 EUR for a 7 iron set) will be offered in 3-PW/AW and come equipped with KBS Tour steel shafts (X 130g, S 120g) as well as the Golf Pride Z-Grip in grey/black.

Available in RH and LH.

P7MC & P7MB – Pure, Buttery, Organic Steel

Designed with insights from the game’s best ball strikers, both P7MC and P7MB have been meticulously crafted to the highest quality to create a stunning feel. As a contemporary take on classic designs, each iron set is built to blend aesthetics, performance and a purist feel.

Compact Grain Forging

With the new Compact Grain Forging process, the company relies on a 2,000-ton forging press to ensure that each P7MC and P7MB iron is formed with masterful precision and a tighter grain structure designed to provide the most solid, consistent feel possible. The process uses up to 2-3 times the forging pressure commonly found in the golf industry. This additional force refines the microstructure, decreasing the grain size to improve the overall properties of the metal. The high pressure forging also produces a head that is near final in shape, requiring minimal hand polishing for a repeatable, precise geometry.

P7MB – Performance for the Golf Purist

P7MB is defined by its clean and elegant appearance. This beautifully crafted muscle back reflects a level of the game that we all aspire to. The Tour-inspired shaping takes cues from Dustin Johnson’s Tour Prototype irons. They boast a thin top line, minimal offset (even less offset than the prior P730 iron) and a narrow sole.

Forged from 1025 carbon steel with a machine-milled face comprised of the most aggressive score lines in our arsenal, P7MB represents the ultimate in shot making and control.

“The all new P7MB was designed for the best ball strikers in the world who demand surgical like control and a pure feel at impact. Contemporary aesthetics with a thin top line and slim sole creates a minimalist profile that appeals to the ultimate purist,” says Bovee.

Faceted muscle back geometry delivers a seamless blend of traditional performance with a contemporary look and design. With a mirrored surface across the backbar that allows light to reflect in multiple dimensions, this modern-era classic looks timeless in both the playing position and in the bag. The geometrical positioning of the backbar also delivers precise CG placement and mass properties for optimal performance at the game’s highest level.

P7MB – Specifications, Pricing & Availability

Available for pre-order on August 14 and at retail beginning September 4, P7MB irons (1,399 EUR for a 7 iron set) will be offered in 3-PW and come equipped with KBS Tour steel shafts (X 130g, S 120g) as well as the Golf Pride Z-Grip in grey/black. Available in RH and LH.

P7MC – Completely New, Yet Completely Classic

Inspired by Tour, the design features of P7MC meets the standards of the game’s most discerning players. Classic shaping and minimal offset deliver control and precision, while perimeter weighting offers just the right touch of forgiveness.

The shape of this new muscle cavity was derived from the previous generation of P750 irons – which has a cultish following on Tour as a favourite of Jon Rahm, Collin Morikawa and Matthew Wolff alike.

In creating the new backbar geometry designed to elevate feel, engineers moved mass up behind the face to support the point of impact. During initial testing, Rory McIlroy immediately commented on the solid feel of the iron and the stability of the head through the strike zone – a discernible enhancement over the previous generation.

“The P7MC was designed specifically to answer the needs of Tour players. Every detail on this perimeter weighted classic muscle cavity design has been painstakingly crafted to the highest quality. From the Compact Grain Forging to the cavity geometry designed specifically for a more solid feel. The P7MC is the perfect combination of performance, feel and shot making with a hint of forgiveness,” says Bovee.

A forged pattern within the cavity back pays homage to a long history of TaylorMade iron designs including the RAC TP blades as well the original P750 and P770 models. A subtly placed “T-Bug” with a high-buff finish is formed during the forging process as a sophisticated nod to craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Completed with a Tour satin finish and muscle cavity geometry, P7MC will visually match either P7MB or P770 in a combo set.

P7MC – Specifications, Pricing & Availability

Available for pre-order on August 14 and at retail beginning September 4, P•7MC irons (1,399 EUR for a 7 iron set) will be offered in 3-PW and come equipped with KBS Tour steel shafts (X 130g, S 120g) as well as the Golf Pride Z-Grip in grey/black. Available in RH and LH.


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