Podcast: Golf Ireland CEO Kennelly on Golf’s Reopening, Government Negotiations & the future


On this special edition of the podcast we were delighted to be joined by Golf Ireland CEO Mark Kennelly ahead of golf’s reopening in the ROI on Monday, April 26. We discuss everything there is to know about golf’s reopening, from the Government negotiations that got us here in the first place, to the current state the industry finds itself in, and the CEO’s hopes for the future. Kennelly also touches on a number of exciting projects that Golf Ireland has to look forward to and there’s plenty on the new World Handicapping System, their new App, Golf Ireland’s first schedule and more. We hope you enjoy the listen. As ever, don’t forget to subscribe and let us know what you think.

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10 responses to “Podcast: Golf Ireland CEO Kennelly on Golf’s Reopening, Government Negotiations & the future”

  1. Pat morgan avatar
    Pat morgan

    Another good interview Peter, still a pity golf Ireland didn’t engage more with members anyhow ,Roll on Monday enjoy ?️‍♂️?️‍♂️?️‍♂️

  2. Tim avatar

    All we members get from Golf Ireland is rules and guidelines ad nauseum.
    Why was there no ongoing communication with members as to the efforts Golf Ireland employed to convince the Government as to the safety of golf. For example;- 1. who or what bodies did Golf Ireland meet and communicate with on an ongoing basis during lockdown. 2. Did Golf Ireland seek statistics from clubs as to the level of Covid outbreaks among members while courses were open. 3. What statistics if any did Golf Ireland present in any meeting or communication with the Gov bodies?.

    In the absence of any relevant convincing communication to members, the suspicion will be that Golf Ireland has let us down.

  3. Mark Byrne avatar
    Mark Byrne

    Im afraid its not suspicion that Golf Ireland did or said nothing during the lockdown. It turns out that there were only 392 cases so far in total attributable to being picked up during outdoor activities during the whole pandemic in Ireland. None of these that im aware were on a golf course yet we were shutdown. Yet now theres 70 confirmed cases on a building site in Intel in Leixlip yet its still open. Yep its Ireland. And as for Golf Ireland . You do zero for ordinary golf club members well apart from taking a portion of their subs. Fact.

  4. Tom Murtagh avatar
    Tom Murtagh

    I feel extremely let down by this governing body ! Who appoints these people to the positions it’s probably the usual story of jobs for the boys ! As far as “negotiations” go I don’t believe for one minute golf was pushed to the government. GAA is back this week with multiple people training together so how does 4 people on a gold course make it anymore dangerous. I can only play with someone from 1 other household at the moment!!!!!! The stupidity of all this is I can play 7 days of the week with someone different everyday ! Who came up with this ? It doesn’t matter that we have already lost 4 months of our membership which for one as a paye worker I can’t really justify ! Golf is not elitist anymore and relies on ordinary people to keep clubs going.

  5. Dave C avatar
    Dave C

    “Kennelly also touches on a number of exciting projects that Golf Ireland has to look forward to and there’s plenty on the new World Handicapping System, their new App, Golf Ireland’s first schedule and more. ”
    How about touching on how you have represented your members who btw pay your wages in what exacting GolfIreland have done for us or were you so worried about getting government handouts you didn’t want to rock the boat !

    1. JamesO'Mahony avatar

      GI are despised by golf club members. 16 people per hour can walk off the first tee. Three people start walking every 2 seconds on my local walkway. Are GI incapable of making a logical argument?

  6. John higginns avatar
    John higginns

    Golf Ireland aka the untouchables. They have proved to be an absolute shower of incompetent idiots over past 12 months. Shame on you golf Ireland.
    From an ordinary golf club member who has no option but help pay your wages via the compulsory levy. Lol

  7. Brian J. Stewart avatar
    Brian J. Stewart

    It’s even worse if you’re a member of a Donegal club who lives near the border but in the North. Hundred of Southern Ireland golfers are playing in the North yet Guards are fining Northern golfers for trying to play in Inishowen for instance. It’s discriminatory and the guards laughingly wave southern drivers through tonplay in the North of Ireland then fine Northern golfers €100 for trying to play in their home clubs! Most of us are vaccinated because we live in a country that had a health system.

  8. Pete avatar

    I found the interview bizarre…..the CEO’s point on the preference to not use “megaphone diplomacy” and how he thought that was a key mechanism in achieving what he appears to think was a successful outcome was frankly nuts. Irish golfers have been more restricted than anyone else on the planet. If this is his view of “success” then we really are in trouble for the future. We need someone at the helm who is fighting for us, pointing out how daft the restrictions have been for our sport and regularly updating us on developments.

    The reality was that Golf Ireland have been anonymous the last year. Don’t get me started on the new app – that could easily have been achieved as part of a transition year project.

  9. Mark Byrne avatar
    Mark Byrne

    Anyway Golf Ireland have now been told golf courses are open to visitors as well as members. But Golf Ireland are stopping visitors/guests playing. So whats that all about then? I think Golf Ireland are starving golfers of golf until they rejoin the clubs that want to charge them unfairly for months they were unable to pay. What a shower of ##### . Was Golf Ireland not here to promote the game of golf. Or is it really all about screwing golfers??

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