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Peter Finnan
Peter Finnan

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With Bryson DeChambeau posting a Trackman carry distance of over 400 yards last week, we sit down with Irish PGA Professional and Titleist Fitting Technician, Mark O’Mahony to discuss the route golf’s governing bodies will take, if any, to dial back distance.

Never has the spotlight hovered so intensely over the distance debate with fears that many of the game’s most famous designs could soon become obsolete if the obsession with length is allowed to grow uninterrupted. The evolution of technology and the development of the modern player has seen the golf ball travel to previously unseen distances on Tour but it’s DeChambeau’s ability to push the boat out that much further and challenge some of the game’s traditionalists that has got the whole world talking in recent weeks.

His resounding six shot win at the US Open at Winged Foot – where he promised an all out power approach to a course that supposedly couldn’t be overpowered – was widely jeered before players saw it in action. Yet, however great an impact that win had on the fate of the distance debate, as a November Masters looms, if Bryson can do the same at Augusta National and make a mockery of arguably golf’s most famous course, it could yet prove to be the single biggest contributing factor to the game’s governing bodies finally taking action against an issue that has been talked about for years. We hope you enjoy the listen!

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One response to “Irish Golfer Podcast | The Distance Debate | Episode 8”

  1. Ivan+Morris avatar

    Peter, Mark – As somebody who has played the game for 60-years and for ALL of that time has embraced every advancement in technique and technology that I became aware of, I’d like to make a few observations. Technology has gone too far! Distance is relative. The increase in hitting distance is making courses too costly to maintain and it takes too long to walk around them. Hitting drivers over 400-yards shouldn’t be allowed. It makes a farce of the game. 400-yards used to be a healthy par-4 in ‘my’ day; now it’s a drive and a short pitch. I am bored watching the pros hitting drives and wedges ad nauseam, and would be more stimulated and remain interested if they had to play a four iron over a bunker to a tight pin every now and again. PS – I had no problem with McIlroy and Hatton wearing hoodies during tournament play recently. So what?

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