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Min Woo Lee (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

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Min Woo Lee is ready to cook again at Augusta National despite feeling under the weather and breaking his ring finger last week.

The Australian is wearing a bandage on his right hand after breaking his finger while doing a dumbbell exercise in the gym but insists he isn’t in any pain ahead of his third Masters appearance.

“I hurt my hand last week. Broke it. But, yeah, I have it bandaged up right now,” said the 25-year-old. “You know, I hit my first shot for the last week on Friday, so hit my first full driver. Yeah, honestly, it’s actually amazing how fast the recovery was. It was bruised, still swollen, but not actually that painful which is really strange.

“Somehow recovering very good, so icing and elevating as much as I can. Yeah, I guess it wasn’t the best prep, and I go the flu two days ago. Yeah, it’s going great.”

Withdrawing wasn’t an option for Lee who couldn’t get out on the golf course until Tuesday where he played an all Aussie practice round with 2013 Masters winner Adam Scott, Jason Day and Cameron Smith.

“I was in the gym on I think Saturday. Yeah, Saturday last week. I was just doing like a side bridge glute thing and it was literally my last rep, last set thing, and I like threw the dumb bell down and somehow clipped my right ring finger.

“I went to the doctor. Went to the doctor and I thought it was okay because I could move it. It was just red. I thought it would be fine. Then they came in and said, you’ve broken it.

“So, yeah, a lot of anxiety. This is the first time telling the public. We didn’t know as a team to tell or to not, and I felt like I should tell people because there was a lot of the pressure on me I guess playing well.

“Honestly, felt nearly up to scratch to where it was when I saw you. So it was — yeah, I mean, recovery was very miraculously good.”

Lee has developed a cult following on the PGA Tour, with crowds shouting ‘let him cook’ wherever he goes and he has also become known as a man who relishes the big occasion.

“It’s all the way up there. It’s my favorite place in the world. It’s just a place of visualization and all that. I really enjoy it. Not many straight shots or straight things out here, so I like to see the shape. It’s awesome.”

“I mean, not getting sick of it. I hope I don’t for the rest of my life. It is a very special place, and really grateful to be here.”

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