Award-winning PGA coaches offering first ever beginner women’s tuition trip

Mark McGowan

PGA coaches Marion Riordan and Gillian Burrell are leading the trip in April

Mark McGowan

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As golfing holidays go, the one being organised by Marian Riordan and Gillian Burrell is something different. Geared towards beginner and higher-handicap women, this all-inclusive trip to Nova Sancti Petri on Spain’s southern coast offers an opportunity to avail of close guidance from not just one, but two professional coaches.

Situated close to the ancient port city of Cadiz, two off days will allow the travellers to visit the cathedral, browse the famed city markets where fresh fish and local produce are in abundance, take in the culturally blended architecture with Moorish, neo-Classical and Gothic influences, or lounge on the sandy beaches of Nova Sancti Petri or alternatively, in Cadiz itself.

Four rounds of golf are included – two 18-hole rounds and two nine-hole rounds – with on-site tuition from Riordan and Burrell including but not limited to improving your driving, fairway striking, chipping, putting and the mental aspects of improved scoring, with a mix of range and on-course coaching.


Though Riordan and Burrell regularly take coaching trips abroad, what makes this unique is that has been specifically created for the novice player.

“It’s the first time that we’re doing a trip aimed specifically at high handicap golfers or those who have recently participated in a ‘Get Into Golf’ programme,” Burrell explains. “We do very specific coaching trips, heavy coaching trips, with specific coaching programs for all golfers, but generally we wouldn’t take very high handicaps on that trip.

“So this is our first foray with these women. There would be a lot of on course coaching as well. We don’t necessarily always play nine holes [with the group participants], but, the coaching program would be around 12 hours off course and then we do on course as well. So it’s a fairly specific program that they’ll be signing up to basically. So, they play four rounds, there’s loads of coaching and there’s a craic in between.”

As for choosing this specific destination for this trip? There’s a very good reason for that.

“We’ve only just been there in October with another group,” Burrell said, “and the reason we’re going back is it’s the facility is so good. The actual hotel owns the golf courses, so we pretty much have unfettered access to where we go, and the range facilities are excellent, all grass rather than using mats and the like.

“So for us, it’s a really good venue and the hotel itself is excellent, a really lovely hotel and the package is all in. So essentially nobody spends a penny if they don’t want to from the time they arrive to when they go.”

The only drawback is that flights are from Shannon Airport only, meaning that it’s better suited to Munster-based players, but it would be still worth the additional mileage if you are a beginner or higher-handicap female golfer looking to improve your game, make new acquaintances, and do it all in a sun-kissed location.

For more information or to book, please click here.


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