Sergio’s comments show golf has not moved on from childish petulance

Ronan MacNamara

Sergio Garcia - Image via International Series Media

Often when I hear of someone talking hypocritical nonsense the first name that comes to mind is Gary Neville. Particularly since he phrased that ‘the horse has bolted’ when it comes to normalising state owned football clubs. His attempts to make Manchester United being run by Qatar as a rational thing are a clear indication that sportswashing is not only taking over, it’s winning.

But we must remember, he went to Qatar for the World Cup to raise issues…

Another sport entangled in the phrase ‘sports washing’ is golf which can only mean one thing. LIV Golf is back, but it has come back rather quietly rather than the bang that ‘Golf but louder’ should draw.

The questions and criticism over players taking the quick buck in exchange for their morals and beliefs surrounding human rights have been replaced by a simmering hype and some outlandish social media videos.

It’s been too quiet, so quiet that those who don’t bat an eyelid towards LIV might not be aware that it all starts again in Mayakoba this evening…

That was until Sergio made some timely headlines by taking a childish brash at Rory McIlroy. Sergio had the gall to label McIlroy as ‘immature,’ if the shoe fits… Literally, sometimes Sergio takes issue with his footwear.

Now that the story has made the news, everyone knows that LIV is on so we can all tune into the streaming channels that were so coincidentally released in tandem with this.

McIlroy in fairness, has thrown the odd club and taken the odd sandy swipe at an unfortunate bunker on occasion but nothing compared to Sergio.

Sergio’s comments just portrayed a complete and utter lack of self awareness, the layers of irony here run as deep as the layers of sand he has belted out of bunkers in anger and petulance in the past.

There are several compilation videos of Garcia taking lumps out of bunkers, sending clubs boomeranging into a watery grave, kicking tee boxes, cursing, spitting in cups and just playing the sore loser.

But the friendship between Sergio and Rory ended because of Rory’s immaturity, OK.

This was a sour follow up to what has been a rather upbeat and vibrant build up from LIV. The Saudi backed golf tour has been flushing out videos on social media and although they are extremely Partridge esque, the marketing team there are getting something right.

LIV golfers until they say something like Sergio did are very much out of sight and out of mind, so why can’t they just shut up and play golf and let the PGA Tour and DP World Tour players do the same?

You’re 43 years of age Sergio, get on with the game.

Go Fireballs

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