Murphy and Foley to star in new docuseries, The Grind

John Craven

John Murphy (Picture: Niall O'Shea)

John Murphy and Hugh Foley will both feature in a new 15-episode docuseries called The Grind. Created by the Fire Pit Collective, the first episode is now live.

The series will follow a number of pros and amateurs as they embark on their respective careers in the hopes of realising their dreams.

Billed as “golf’s most intense and addictive new docuseries”, which will come up against Netflix’s ‘Full Swing’ production, The Grind is sure to introduce viewers to a different side of golf, far from the lavish lifestyles of the top tour pros and into the unforgiving world of the game’s underbelly.


The first of 15 episodes is now live with Royal Dublin’s Foley confirmed to feature in at least two episodes by CEO of the Fire Pit Collective, Matt Ginella.

“Lost in the greed of the top tier of professional golf are tens of thousands of pros struggling to get by,” says Ginella.

“By telling their stories and bringing their challenges to life, our hope is that more of these players get the opportunity to make a decent living playing professional golf.”

With five field producers, eight editors and a dozen camera operators, The Grind visited many places, including Ireland and Scotland, and was said to be inspired by the Fire Pit’s own Ryan French (“Monday Q Info on Twitter”), whose career has followed the underdogs of golf chasing that one big break.

“It’s a dream come true to see these players spotlighted in such a dynamic way,” says French. “It blows me away how good the production values are in these episodes. Once fans get to see The Grind, I’m pretty sure they are going to be invested in these players’ stories as much as I am.”

Viewers can expect a weekly episode with the first one now live and streaming on the Fire Pit Collective’s YouTube channel and

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