Haney calls for LIV Golf to be granted world ranking points


Tiger Woods with Haney and Steve Williams looking on - Getty Images

Tiger Woods’ former swing coach Hank Haney believes it’s high-time that the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour received Official World Golf Ranking points.

With just three tournaments in the LIV Golf books, Haney says it’s time the series received the same treatment as long standing tours like the PGA, DP World and Asian Tour.

As things stand, the tour likely remains some way off OWGR status, meaning some of golf’s biggest names who already defected to LIV are sliding down the men’s charts, notably former world number 1 Dustin Johnson (now 21st), and four-time Major winner Brooks Koepka (now 25th), his worst ranking since 2015.


The argument against LIV being granted OWGR status is that the events are 54-hole, no-cut shotgun start tournaments that many have called exhibitions, but Haney is convinced there’s hypocrisy when it comes to this line of thinking in relation to LIV.

“Isn’t the PGA Tour going to have more no cut tournaments? Tiger’s event is no cut 18 players. Stop the nonsense, give LIV Golf their OWGR points,” tweeted Haney.

“The goal for the OWGR should be a real true list of the best players. The goal of the majors should be to have the best fields.”

Haney also argues that many PGA Tour events are reduced to 54-holes due to weather anyway, though we’re not sure how that particular point would hold up in court.

“So 54 holes is a big issue with LIV Golf getting OWGR points but if a PGA Tour event is shortened to 54 holes because of weather they still get points? That sounds equitable,” Haney added.

As things stand, LIV players can compete for OWGR points via the Asian Tour but these events fall some way short of the points on offer on the PGA Tour. For those without exemptions into Majors relying on their top-50 status ahead of next year’s Masters, world ranking points could well become key to the success and failure of the LIV Golf series. There are no immediate announcements expected on the situation that’s currently under review.

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One response to “Haney calls for LIV Golf to be granted world ranking points”

  1. Bogey putter avatar
    Bogey putter

    How can a small limited field garner OWGR correct points.
    An analogy- Say, the limited field was 4 players only, the top 4 in the world (or maybe even just mid ranked players) and they played each week. At the end of the year their points would accrue so much that they would be miles ahead of anyone else.

    Very much like the aborted soccer super league, the top teams break off, and horde all the monies.

    There’s a lot to delve into.

    In addition if Liv get traction or god forbid become a premier tour, then golf will be controlled by a private company.
    They will forego the majors, dictate to them, coerce them and eventually create their own majors. (Sooner than you think)

    As for team events, Ryder Cups etc, can we not see what Liv are going. Their teams a are all “country driven” South Africa Australia, England, they will be creating their own World Cup.
    Just a few thought provoking thoughts!

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