Spending time on the New Orleans practice range never tasted so good

Bernie McGuire

Acme Oyster House hosting on the range (RED)

Bernie McGuire

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Those contesting this week’s Zurich Classic of New Orleans are savouring the delights of one of the best ‘eating’ stops on the PGA Tour.

The TPC Louisiana course is not only a great venue for making eagles and birdies but the players, caddies and officials get to savour some of the best seafood ever.

Each year, and with thanks to the famed New Orleans French Quarter restaurant, Acme Oyster House, those present at the tournament get to enjoy boiled crayfish, scrumptious shrimp, along with either mouth-watering natural or chargrilled oysters.


There’s a handful of stalls at the back of the range with seafood laid out in mini wooden canoes, so just help yourself.

The word ‘acme’ means the best or at a point of high development. And it’s a word you’ve surely seen in one of TV’s best cartoon shows.  It’s the Acme company that Wile E Coyote of the Bugs Bunny Show fame, has his head stuck in the firm’s catalogue looking to obtain all sorts of rockets, explosives and products in his forever fruitless pursuit of the Road Runner.

Now, you never thought you would learn that in a golf article!

Anyway, when it comes to seafood, Acme has one of the best names boasting two restaurants in the New Orleans area, two in Alabama and one in Florida.

Acme sets-up their dining facilities on the practice range and it’s the reason why you see so many players congregating on the range, but not hitting golf balls.

My friend and fellow golf journalist Adam Schupak wrote a piece a couple of years back wherein he spoke with Jerry Kelly, who revealed he ate 52 oysters, before heading to the 10th tee.

Of course, it’s not just on the practice range where you can savour such delights as the city boasts well over 1,400 restaurants and those featuring on a top-10 list located in the famed French Quarter. And with New Orleans located on the Mississippi River just up from the Gulf of Mexico, you have shrimp, crawfish, oysters and fish, all key tenants of the city’s culinary repertoire.

“I love the downtown area. I love the French Quarter,” said Charles Howell III to Adam. “The Commander’s Palace is my favourite restaurant of the year without question. Anything’s good. The turtle soup, for sure.

“Though there’s a downside as I may gain a couple of pounds during Zurich Classic week.”

Spending time at the practice range has never tasted so good!

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