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Clubs to Hire, Europe’s largest golf rental business, has launched Ireland’s first virtual Golf Club, presenting nomadic golfers an opportunity to acquire a WHS handicap without the expense of joining a traditional golf club. The new innovative Golf Club – – will allow Irish golfers the opportunity to join a club that will give them all the benefits of a normal club but at a fraction of the price.


For an annual fee of €119, people can join the club and be allocated a WHS handicap that will allow them play open competitions and events etc. The club will offer member competitions, events, and beneficial green fee rates, allowing players without a home club to take their official handicap around the country and compete on a bunch of Ireland’s best courses.

“The fact that we have no clubhouse or official golf course allows us to offer our members all the benefits but none of the costs,” said Tony Judge, a Director of FlexyGolf. “There are thousands of golfers in Ireland that play the game but do not have an official handicap or club.”

FlexyGolf promises to provide people with the opportunity to join the club and take on many of the privileges traditional membership delivers. It recognises the crucial ‘club’ aspect that golfers seek, a sense of belonging and companionship whilst also affording golfers the facility to play in Competitions, Open Days and other official competitions around the country at a reduced green fee cost.

“I very much see FlexyGolf as a stepping stone for golfers to progress to an established club in the future, but our set-up allows them to do that in their own time and at a very affordable price,” added Judge. “Thousands of people took to the game in the summer of 2020 and participation rates went through the roof. We are simply giving these people the opportunity to be part of a real and affordable club.”

FlexyGolf will be available to male and female golfers in Ireland for an annual fee of €119. Members will be able to play in competitions arranged by the partner club but also play in Open Days and events at fellow golf clubs. The FlexyGolf club will offer multiple and additional benefits to its members and believes it has the potential to become one of the largest and most active golf clubs in the country. The club will be administered and run by teams located in Clontarf, Dublin and Belcoo, Co Fermanagh.

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3 responses to “Ireland’s first virtual golf club launched by Clubs to Hire”

  1. Dick+Cotter avatar

    Will members be known as Flexy-bandits??

  2. Joseph conroy avatar
    Joseph conroy

    This is a great idea flexi golf will suit 80% of the potential irish starter golfers.

  3. Michael Griffin avatar

    Great to hear a good suggestion we all need good news

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