World number one DJ now has FedEx Cup trophy in his sights

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On the first occasion Dustin Johnson went to World No. 1 in February 2017, he remained atop the World Rankings unchallenged for 64 weeks.

Now after returning as the game’s highest-ranked golfer for a sixth time in his career, Johnson is determined to be the reigning World No.1 in lifting the FedEx Cup trophy next fortnight for a first time in his career.

‘DJ’ has come close before to securing the honour and now after his emphatic victory last Sunday, who will deny him in two weeks time?


In returning to the game’s highest-ranked, ‘DJ’ needs only to spend another six weeks as World No. 1 and he would go past six-time Major winning Nick Faldo into fourth spot as a World No. 1 for a combined 98 weeks.

And if ‘DJ’ stays atop the rankings to Monday 7th December, or 15 weeks from now, he would go past Rory McIlroy and into third spot as the player with a combined 107 weeks as World No. 1.

There could not have been a better way for ‘DJ’ to get back to the top of the rankings than the manner he did that Sunday at TPC Boston in easily capturing what was a 22nd PGA Tour title by an effortless 11 strokes.

“I’m proud of being the No. 1 player in the world and I would like to stay up there for a long while,” Johnson said ahead of this week’s BMW Championship at Olympia Fields outside of Chicago.

“There has been a few players on the top of the ranks this year. The last time I was No. 1, I stayed there for a while. It is my goal to see how long I can stay No. 1 on the ranking

“I haven’t been able to win it even though I got close a few times. It is definitely something I would like on my CV before I put away my professional clubs.”

‘DJ’ will tee-up Thursday having won the BMW Championship twice before in 2010 and 2016 while the now 36-year old has a pretty impressive Fedex ‘Play-Off Series’ record having captured five in total.

However, Johnson’s never been a FedEx Cup champion and while out in front at No. 1 on the standing at present, come the 6th September at East Lake, he wants to also end his 13th year in the pro ranks at PGA Tour No. 1.

“Yeah, for me it’s something that’s a goal of mine is to be a FedExCup champion,” he said.

“It’s something that I really would like to be that I haven’t done yet. I’ve been close a couple times, but obviously this week is another week for me to go out and play well and hopefully hold that No. 1 position going into East Lake because that’s where you want to be starting next week is No. 1.

“But being No.1 is a bonus, but you’re still going to have to play really good golf if you want to win the FedExCup Championship.”


64 weeks – Feb 9th, 2017 to May 12th, 2018

13 weeks – Jun 19th, 2018 to Sept 9th, 2018

4 weeks – Sept 23, 2018 – Oct 20th, 2018

5 weeks – Mar 3rd, 2019 – Apr 6th, 2019

5 weeks – April 14th, 2019 – May 18th, 2019

1 week – Aug 23rd

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